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Here's a List of Reasons to Revamp Your Bathroom

10 Reasons to Remodel Your Bathroom

Bathroom remodeling is one of the most popular home improvement tasks, and for good reason. Not only is it one of the more cost effective home improvement projects, but it also is known to be the most transformational with even small budgets. This is the room you want to renovate when you want the most bang for your buck.

Bathrooms are often sanctuaries for Trinity homeowners. Starting the morning in a beautiful new bathroom can really boost someone’s day. A bathroom remodel can reinvigorate a house that feels old, or improve functionality in a house that needs more efficiency. Here are the top 10 reasons to remodel your bathroom:

 Trinity, FL bathroom remodeling1.) It will increase your home’s value.

This is the reason that most people decide to remodel their bathroom. People are very particular about their bathrooms. Homes that have outdated, garish washrooms tend to fare poorly when potential buyers come around. Although kitchens also top the list, bathrooms are more cost effective to tackle first and ordinarily have the best return on investment. Not only will you get to enjoy a beautiful new bathroom, you’ll get to enjoy the extra money it will put in your pocket come sale time.

2.) You can fix problems.

Obviously, if something is falling apart in your bathroom (such as broken tiles or leaky faucets) that is a great reason to renovate. But, on the flip side, sometimes it’s even more beneficial to remodel before any problems arise.

Oftentimes, leaks within bathroom facilities go undetected until there are major problems that will cost more to fix. If you renovate your bathroom before these issues become even bigger issues, you can spot potential leaks and get them fixed before they cause greater damage that will inevitably cost more to fix. You can also spot and treat mold issues you may not have been aware of once tiles are removed and construction begins.

3.) Mold Remediation

If you suspect any kind of mold, you should definitely look into remodeling. Mold is a nightmare and difficult to remove without proper remediation and a full remodel and removal of all infected areas. Spraying cleaner on potential mold areas doesn’t help if the mold is behind the wall or underneath flooring. And despite the mold being “hidden,” it can still cause major health problems.

4.) You would like a change.

A great reason for bathroom renovation is just that you are tired of your outdated bathroom and would like something new for a change! There is nothing wrong with wanting something strictly for its aesthetic appeal. There are so many beautiful options for bathroom fixtures, lighting, tile choices, etc. that the sky is the limit.

5.) You need more storage space.

Some of the old bathrooms from the 70’s have the feel of a broom closet, and arguably just as much space.

If you are running out of room in your bathroom, consult with a good engineer and you’d be surprised with how roomy they can make the same size of space feel with just a better designed layout. Drawers and cabinets can be added in unused spaces so that you get the storage space you need without compromising real estate in your small bathroom.

6.) You need more functionality.

Some bathrooms aren’t designed very efficiently. If you and your spouse share a bathroom, you may want to add another sink. Or maybe you only have a shower stall and need a bathtub for children or the elderly. Or vice versa, a bathtub might be overkill for a young modern couple that would like a sleek glass shower better. Things that are outdated need refurbishment sometimes, and bathrooms designed decades ago don’t always fit the modern consumer well.

7.) You can make your bathroom more energy efficient.

There are numerous water saving fixtures on the market nowadays, as well as energy efficient toilets, lighting and windows that can save money by eliminating drafts. Even though the bathroom remodeling costs money, you’ll save money in the long run by updating your bathroom with energy efficient equivalents.

 Trinity, FL bathroom remodeling 28.) You can create your own personal oasis.

The bathroom has been known as “the throne” for quite a while and mostly because people consider the bathroom their fortress of solitude.

People have been pampering themselves in bathrooms for years, so why not pamper yourself with your dream bathroom? Form opulent soaking tubs to in-floor heating to built-in towel warmers, the options these days are limitless when it comes to creating a dream bathroom.

9.) You can create handicap accessibility.

Bathrooms often need updating when someone in the household has special needs. Whether a specific bathtub is needed, or supports need to be installed for the toilet, this is often a reason why people look into bathroom remodeling.

10.) You can make it your own style.

Some people settle on their houses due to money constraints and want to change their Trinity home to their own style without spending a fortune. Since bathrooms are such relatively small spaces, it makes sense to start here when renovating. You can spruce up a bathroom easily and transform it from one style to another without breaking the bank.

Whatever your reason may be for wanting a bathroom remodel, we can help! For quality services in your Trinity, FL home, call Roman Plumbing Inc. at (727) 858-3412.