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Here Are 3 Reasons To Replace a Water Heater Before the New Year

The holidays are a time when people tend to spend a lot of time indoors. It is also the time of year that people tend to spend more money. The last thing anyone wants to spend their hard-earned cash on is a water heater replacement, but sometimes it's a choice that can end up saving the homeowner money. Certain signs can point to an inevitable future resulting in water heater replacement.

Homeowners that call a professional sooner have a higher chance of solving the problem before any expensive damages ensue. Above all else, it pays for homeowners to stay on top of their water heater's condition.  

How Old Is the Water Heater?

water heater

As with any other household item, age is a factor in the functionality of a water heater. A traditional one can have a gas or an electric heating element and is usually reliable for only about ten years. If someone is unsure of their tank's age, one can look for the serial number on the tank and do a quick search on the manufacturer's website to find out how old the item is. 

One of the clearest indications that a water heater is too old and needs replacement is the price of the repair bill. If the homeowner notices they have to have their water heater repaired frequently, this points to a water heater that has reached its lifespan. 

Even if the homeowner knows their water heater isn't old, it can still exhibit signs of aging. Typically, premature aging only shows up when the water heater is neglected for years on end. Homeowners that have their water heater maintained regularly should see a full lifespan out of their water heater. 

Is the Storage Tank Cracked?

Homeowners should not ignore signs that the tank on their water heater is cracked and leaking. Such signs may include:

Inconsistency in water temperature is perhaps the giveaway sign that a water heater is suffering. It is likely the first sign nearly every homeowner mentions to a professional when they call about a water heater breakdown. Still, the homeowner should take this as a sign for urgency and call a professional immediately. 

Is Rust-Colored Water Coming From the Faucet?

Aside from noticing a difference in water temperature, arguably the other most commonly noticed sign of water heater breakdown is discolored water. When the water becomes rust-colored, it's a clear indication that something is going on within the plumbing system, and it most likely is coming from the water heater. 

colored water

The household must avoid using water until a professional can look at the system and eradicate the issue. Plumbing professionals want to ensure that the household is as safe as possible until they can locate the problem. 

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