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Don't Let a Clogged Kitchen Sink Ruin Your Summer Cookout!

Make Sure Your Kitchen Sink Stays Clear Through Your Independence Day Party!

Nothing says summer in America like a 4th of July party complete with hot dogs, hamburgers, cold drinks, and fireworks. Not to mention all the great sides and snacks like corn on the cob, homemade potato salad, and all manner of chips & dips - to name but a few. But all that delicious food doesn’t just come from nowhere, nor does the kitchen clean itself when the party’s over. 

With all the food prep, cooking, and cleaning that comes with whipping up an epic feast, it’s no surprise that so many kitchen plumbing issues happen on holidays - kitchen sink clogs in particular. And no one wants to be stuck wrestling with a backed-up sink when they could be enjoying the festivities. So read on to discover three ways to prevent a clogged kitchen sink this July 4th!


Don’t Let Tough Food Waste and Coffee Grounds Go Down the Drain

Preventing kitchen sink clogs starts with being vigilant about what is allowed to go down the drain. Most clogs are caused by a buildup of food waste in the drainpipe, so it’s best to let as little food down the drain as possible, especially if the sink doesn’t have a garbage disposal. But even with disposal, too much of certain foods can still cause problems.

Fibrous veggies, eggshells, cheese, coffee grounds, and starchy foods like potatoes all tend to get stuck easily and accumulate until they reach critical mass and clog the drain. Scraping off plates and other dishes into the trash will drastically minimize the risk of clogs. Some homeowners also use small store-bought drain grates to catch food bits, but cleaning these off at the end of the night isn’t exactly pleasant.

Never Put Grease or Oil Down the Drain

One thing that even fine mesh drain grates won’t stop, however, is grease and oil - and these just happen to be the primary culprit in most drain clogs. When washing greasy dishes or pouring hot oil down the drain, the heat from the dishwater (or the heat leftover from the cooking process) keeps the grease in liquid form. But as it travels down the drainpipe, it begins to cool off and thicken, forming a solid glob or coating on the pipe walls

This muck will collect more grease and other food particles over time, eventually forming a blockage. This can even happen as far down as the larger sewer lines, clogging more than just the kitchen sink. That’s why one should always throw grease and fat in the trash, not the drain. Bacon grease, once cooled, can be scraped out of the pan with a paper towel; used frying oil can be poured into a sealable container and thrown away.

garbage disposal

Put In a Garbage Disposal

Finally, one of the best ways to help prevent kitchen sink clogs is to have a garbage disposal installed. Garbage disposals feature a small cylindrical chamber that sits just below the sink drain. When it’s turned on, an impeller inside the chamber spins rapidly, crushing food waste through small holes around the bottom edge of the cylinder. The tiny pieces that emerge are then washed harmlessly down the drainpipe instead of becoming lodged.

Garbage disposal is a worthwhile investment for any kitchen that sees a lot of action. Not only does it help prevent clogs, but it also makes cleaning and trimming fruits and veggies so much easier, and turns cleanup into a piece of cake. Of course, the garbage disposal is no substitute for good kitchen practices. In combination with the guidelines above, it can be a powerful tool in the kitchen arsenal, not just this Independence Day but for years to come!

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