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Gift a New Water Heater This Holiday Gift

Reasons Homeowners Should Ask for a New Water Heater This Holiday Season

The home’s water heater gets used every day to provide warm water for bathing and cleaning. Most water heaters need to be replaced about every ten years. Newer models of water heaters are more efficient and long-lasting, saving the homeowner money on repairs and utilities. 

Instead of another novelty holiday gift, a new water heater is something practical that will keep giving to the homeowner year after year. The installation of a new water heater increases the value of the home. 

Warning Signs of a Broken Water Heater

Homeowners should be on the lookout for warning signs of a malfunctioning water heater. A broken water heater can be hazardous as the hot temperatures can cause injury. Repairs and maintenance should be left up to an experienced repairman. 

One of the first warning signs of a broken water heater that homeowners notice is strange noises coming from the water heater. Hissing, banging, and screeching noises are all bad signs for a water heater. Leaking water on the outside of the tank or pooling around the tank indicates that the water heater needs repair. 

A sudden increase in utility bills could also indicate a problem with the water heater causing it to use more energy than normal to heat up the water. Sometimes the hot water supply will take a long time to reach the faucet, or there will not be enough hot water, and that can also be a sign the water heater requires repair or replacement.

When Is It Time to Replace a Broken Water Heater

water heater Like all pieces of home hardware, water heaters are known to need minor repairs from time to time. As the water heater ages, the frequency of the repairs may increase until the costs outweigh the cost of replacement. Common repairs for water heaters include replacing worn-out valves and cleaning sediment out of the tank. Keeping up with the recommended water heater maintenance schedule can help increase the water heater's longevity.

Over time sediment can build up in the water heater tank due to natural minerals in the water separating due to the heat. Cleaning the inside of the tank and adding soft water treatments can help to prevent too much sediment from building up. Sediment in the water tank can cause a rumbling noise and eventually cause problems with the water heater system. 

Reasons to Install a New Water Heater

water heater

  • Less time spent on maintenance 
  • Less money spent on repair costs
  • Lower utility bills
  • More hot water for cleaning and bathing 
  • New water heaters are safer 
  • Reduce emissions 

New water heaters offer better performance, lower utility bills, and fewer repairs. Installing an energy-efficient new water heater will increase the home value as well. There will also be more hot water for bathing and cleaning. 

Some homeowners are choosing to upgrade their old water heaters to tankless water heaters because they waste zero energy in hot water production. Tankless water heaters only heat the exact amount of hot water needed. 

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