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How to Build a Water Safety Plan

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What Is a Water Safety Plan

Nobody likes to think about the worst-case scenario, but if it happens are you prepared? A water safety plan is a plan for what you and your family will do if your water is cut off because of a disaster of some sort. Many businesses have them, but homeowners should also have their own water safety plan.

Water is immensely important to the health of you and your family, so why wait until it is too late to figure out what you will do if your access to filtered water is suddenly cut off? It is essential that you have a safety plan for your family to be able to have water for cleaning and drinking in the case of an emergency. This article will go into detail about how to build a water safety plan for yourself and key things to consider.

Plan for Safe Drinking Water

safe drinkingIf you’re able to keep a stockpile of water bottles or jugs of water, this is great to prepare for an emergency situation. Having some drinking water put aside just in case of an emergency is a good idea, but if not you should be prepared to purify water for drinking if you need to.

Most important is to be able to have safe drinking water. Boiling water is an effective way to remove many causes of diseases such as viruses and bacteria. To kill the majority of germs in the water, raise the heat to a boiling point of 140 degrees Fahrenheit.

While boiling the water will purify it from germs, it will not remove any sediment or dirt from the water. To remove particles from water for drinking it is recommended that you filter it through a cloth or a coffee filter. Disinfecting the water will not work properly if it is full of sediment so you may want to do this step first.

Use Safe Shower Water

safe shower

The requirements for safe shower water are less strict than those for safe drinking water, but it is still important. During a disaster, you will at times need to wash up, and so it is essential to account for some kind of shower water in your water safety plan as well.

Hard water can be caused by mineral deposits in the water boiler and it is not good to shower in. Too many minerals in the water can be really bad for your skin and hair, not to mention leaving a residue behind.

Doing regular maintenance on your water boiler can help to ensure it is in top working condition in the case of an emergency. A water softener is a great way to combat this mineral buildup. If the water softener is not working in an emergency then you will need to heat water for your emergency shower somehow or take cold showers.

Water Safety Is Important

water safetyThink about all the things in your home that you use water for. Brushing your teeth, watering your plants, cleaning, and more. Having a safety plan for your water consumption in the case of a disaster is essential for homeowners.

You do not want to be left without water for days or weeks. To make sure this never happens to you, it is recommended that you take good care of your water heater, water softener or filtration system, and boiler so that everything is in good working condition. This includes routine cleaning and maintenance.

When all else fails, boiling water is always one of the best ways to purify it. If you need to drink water or shower and you do not have access to water because of an emergency, make sure that you will at least be able to boil water.

At 140 degrees most of the germs have died out of the water making it safe to drink. You can also try diluting small amounts of bleach in water for cleaning and even drinking in some cases. If anything does happen, you will be glad that you spent time thinking about your water safety plan in the case of a disaster.

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