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Is It Safe to Install an Electric Water Heater on Your Own?

Electric Water Heater Installation Is Harder Than It Looks

It is common for people to look at certain things and wonder if they could complete the task themselves. Wondering about whether or not they could fix a car, build a house, or climb a rope is one thing, but there are dangers associated with attempted to complete certain tasks at home without the help of a professional. One such case is with electric water heaters.

It may be tempting to try to install an electric water heater without a professional to save money in service costs, but in the long run, it can cost more money if the electric water heater is installed improperly or if an accident occurs that requires medical care. In this article, an overview is given of why it is a bad idea for a homeowner to attempt to install an electric water heater without the help of a professional plumber or other professional.

What Are Electric Water Heaters

Having warm and hot water on tap is a modern amenity that many take for granted, but that is necessary for many household tasks such as doing the laundry, taking baths, washing hands, brushing teeth, doing the dishes, and much more.

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Electric water heaters are commonly found in households across the globe and provide a hot water source for the house. Electric water heaters are common in many regions. Electric-powered water heaters are more efficient than gas water heaters but may cost more in terms of electric bills.

The Safety Dangers of DIY Electric Water Heater Installation

safety dangersInstalling an electric water heater installation is not as easy as it looks...and it does not look easy. It can be dangerous if the individual is not knowledgeable of water heater safety precautions to take.

In addition to the danger of burns, scalding, and fire from overheating/pressure caused by the heating mechanisms of the electric water heater, there is also a chance that the homeowner could slip and hit their head or have some other kinds of injury occur while working on the water heater.

By hiring a professional the homeowner can assure that the liability of any injuries that take place during installation does not fall on to them and instead is the responsibility of the insurance company of the plumber.

Call a Plumber for Water Heater Installation

Incorrect water heater installation can cause problems that will cost hundreds of dollars before anyone even notices. For this reason, it is best to hire a professional. The cost of installation will be less than the cost of replacement and repairs on the water heater if it is damaged by the faulty installation job.

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Call the plumber to get the best results from a new electric water heater. A professional plumber will be covered by insurance and bonds to prevent the homeowner from being liable for any damages to the property of individuals. A plumber will know the best practices for installation and can do it safely as well.

Plumbing Services You Can Trust

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