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Learn How To Keep a Home Green This St. Patrick's Day

Making Some Simple Changes Will Help

It is well known there are ways to become more eco-friendly with electricity, but there are also ways through plumbing. Here is a list of some of the best ways to reducing wasted energy:

  • Purchase an energy-efficient water heater: With technology always evolving, newer and more efficient items are forever coming onto the market. More recent and more efficient water heaters are no exception. Some of the newer water heaters are tankless, and the water passes through a heat exchanger, making the water heat up quicker. 
  • Insulate plumbing: Having water pipes insulated will significantly reduce the amount of energy used, making them more eco-friendly by keeping the heat in the pipes. If homeowners do not already have these pipes installed, consider upgrading to PEX piping. They have less heat loss compared to other pipes.
  • Upgrade fixtures: The newer shower heads put out fewer gallons per minute than the older versions. Even though they put out less water, they have higher water pressure than the older showerheads and faucets. The good news is they do not cost much, and they can be installed quickly and easily by the homeowner.

Of course, there are simpler changes homeowners can make to make their homes more eco-friendly. Read on to learn helpful tips from expert plumbers. 

When To Shut Water Off

Shutting off the water supply to the home when needed can reduce utility costs and conserve the water supply. If a leak or a busted pipe were to occur in the house, knowing where the water valve's exact location will be essential to shut the water supply off.

turn off

Locating the main water supply line and the main shut-off will be necessary in case of an emergency. 

Keep in Mind What Goes Down the Toilet

Accidents happen, and sometimes they are catastrophic, which is, in most cases, what happens when an item besides toilet paper is flushed down the toilet. The products start to accumulate and can get stuck in the piping. Which then can cause the pipes to back up and not drain.

Sometimes ocean water can become polluted by plastic being flushed down the toilet. What is flushed down the toilet is treated with chemicals, and once the water is tested to be safe, the water treatment plant will more than likely dump the treated water into the ocean. At this point, the water is safe and will not harm sea life. Only toilet paper should get flushed down the toilet, as other items could be harmful to water supplies and wildlife.

Upgrading the Toilet


Already mentioned in this article are some appliances that can help make a home eco-friendlier. Another vital appliance to change and save some green would be the home's toilet(s). There are many different high-efficiency or dual-flush toilets on the market these days. They use less water than the standard toilet, and therefore save on utility bills.

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