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Liquid Drain Cleaners Are Causing Garbage Disposal Damages

Stop the Garbage Disposal Damage: Ditch the Liquid Drain Cleaners

In a world of convenience, liquid drain cleaners have become the easiest option for treating a clogged garbage disposal drain. That doesn’t mean it is the best option though. Liquid drain cleaners are notorious for causing more harm than good for your garbage disposal.

It may seem like the cheaper option now, but in the long run, it ends up costing you more money because you will be left with a garbage disposal that needs to be replaced. Your garbage disposal is a pivotal part of your kitchen, many people use theirs every single day. It is important to put down the right materials for your garbage disposal.

Take the extra mile to get the job done right and get it done with no damage to your disposal. Instead of introducing it to harsh chemicals that cause corrosion and breakage, introduce it to a plumber that cares. Below is a detailed description of the dangers of using liquid drain cleaners.

Learn More About the Problem Before Causing Pipe Damage

pipe damageBefore you run to the store and grab the new best drain cleaner on the market, it may be more beneficial to do a little digging first. What you believe to be a clog issue, may not be a clog at all. If your garbage disposal with turn on and make a humming noise, but it won’t actually chop up any food, then you could have a jam somewhere in the blades.

What’s worse than causing damage to your pipes with a liquid drain cleaner? Causing damage to your pipes with a liquid drain cleaner for no reason.

There are professionals trained in this area of expertise, you do not have to resort to figuring it out on your own. Don’t cause yourself more grief and financial debt, call a plumber to ensure the problem is eradicated the first time without any unwanted damage to your pipes.

Liquid Drain Cleaners and Garbage Disposal Heat

The main purpose of liquid drain cleaners is for the chemicals within the cleaner to react with each other when in contact with water. This reaction causes a spike in temperature to nearly boiling point. The temperature increase is what causes the cleaner to bubble and remove any blockages within your drain. The same kind of reaction can be caused by baking soda and vinegar without the harsh chemicals, but you still aren’t ensuring safety to your pipes this way.

garbage disposal heat

Excess heat to your garbage disposal should be avoided at all costs. This sturdy piece of kitchen equipment may seem durable enough to withstand high temperatures, but in reality, it is not. The excess heat will eventually cause cracks and breaking within your pipes, which leads to more money out of your pocket.

Stop the Nonsense and Call a Plumber Today!

call a plumberSave yourself money, time and effort by simply calling in a plumber to get to the bottom of your drain issues. Garbage disposals are sensitive creatures, believe it or not, and plumbers are trained to handle these creatures with care.

Stop the guesswork and quit causing yourself more grief with liquid drain cleaners. A plumber will get the job done right the first time and the effects will last longer than any drain cleaner on the market.

Trust Roman Plumbing Inc. With your Garbage Disposal

Roman Plumbing Inc. in New Port Richey, FL doesn’t want your plumbing trouble to interrupt your free time. They will send help quickly to get to put an end to your garbage disposal grief. They understand the inconvenience of unexpected plumbing problems and work tirelessly so you don’t have to.