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Prepare for These Common Spring Plumbing Issues

3 Risks April Showers Pose To Home Plumbing Systems

April showers are a sure sign that spring has arrived. While people are out jumping in puddles and singing in the rain, something sinister could be brewing underground. The excessive rains of spring can cause problems in a home's plumbing system. 

The trouble with spring rain-caused problems is that they typically cause issues out of sight, under the yard, and near the home's foundation. But, homeowners can keep their eyes peeled for some key signs to address rain-related problems before they become big issues. 

Risk #1: Saturated Soil

There's nothing worse than a flooded yard ruining the flowers and vegetable garden. Unfortunately, the damage usually doesn't stop there. Flooded yards are a key sign that soil has become oversaturated

When soil becomes oversaturated, it becomes more prone to flooding. Additionally, oversaturated soil prevents septic tanks from operating properly, rendering them practically useless in worst-case scenarios. It can also contribute to the next issue on the list: foundation and slab leaks. 

Signs of Saturated Soil

  • Flooding
  • Standing water
  • Muddy ground
  • Leaks in the basement

How To Handle Saturated Soil

Homeowners can prevent saturated soil with proper irrigation and drainage set-ups. They should always funnel water away from their home, but that isn't always how systems get set up. If saturated soil is suspected, homeowners should have a reputable plumber come out to examine if the home's plumbing and irrigation are taking care of the issue correctly. If not, they will be able to provide solutions for the homeowner to consider. 

Risk # 2: Foundation/Slab Damagefoundation

Foundation damages are a nightmare for every homeowner. They are a harsh reality for older homes, but surprisingly enough, even newer homes can face foundation and slab damage at the hands of spring showers. 

Foundation and slab damage mean a lot of costly repairs for a home. When a foundation or slab is damaged, it can shift, and it takes the home with it. Windows and doors can become hard to close, fissures and cracks might appear in the walls, and water can leak into the home as a result. 

Signs of Foundation and Slab Damage

  • Cracks in walls and floors
  • Odd spaces between the window glass and siding
  • Uneven floors
  • Sticking doors and windows
  • Clogged plumbing and slow drains
  • Any of the signs that go along with saturated soil

How To Handle Foundation and Slab Damage

Whenever foundation or slab damage is suspected, a professional needs called in. Homeowners can repair foundations and slabs from within the home if they get caught early enough, and the sooner a repair is conducted, the cheaper the process will be. Most cities and states require licensed professionals to repair foundations and slabs for a home to be up to code, so be sure and find a qualified repair person. 


Risk # 3: Broken Underground Pipes

Of all the rain-induced headaches homeowners might face during the spring showers, broken underground pipes are likely the most common. Pipes are designed to handle the transport of water away from or into the home, but they have their limits, and the quantities of water that come from spring showers often test those limits. 

Burst and broken pipes are a major headache for a home. If a sewer line has clogged or burst, it can back up hazardous material into the home. Additionally, the pressures from saturated soil can cause a pipe to shift, bow, or be moved into the wrong position, leading to slow drains, clogging, and flooding in the home's plumbing system. Pipes in these positions are prone to more erosion and are more susceptible to breaking. 

Signs of Broken Underground Pipes

  • Slow drains
  • Dirty water
  • Bad smells from the floor drain
  • Backed up bath and shower drains
  • The same signs as saturated soil

How To Handle Underground Pipes Breaking

Whenever a broken pipe is suspected, homeowners should contact an emergency plumber immediately. Broken drains can introduce hazardous material into the home's plumbing, making water unhealthy to drink or use. Additionally, broken underground pipes typically require excavation to access, and special permits and equipment will be necessary to repair the damages. Homeowners should expect a project that lasts a few days if major breaks have occurred in a pipe, as the ground may need to be dug up to access the pipe. 

Homeowners can work with a reputable local plumber to get their home's plumbing ready to face spring rain showers. 

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