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Ring In the New Year With New (Must-Know!) Plumbing Tips

Start Strong in 2020 with These Plumbing Tips

The year is coming to a close, which means time for champagne toasts, New Year’s resolutions, and new beginnings. The start of the year is a great time to focus on learning new things, especially when it comes to better understanding of how to take care of your home. Whether you realize it or not, your plumbing system is integral to your daily life.

Not only can a minor issue prevent you from having access to water, but also it can lead to other expenses, which are never a great way to start the year. Plumbing professionals want to share the following information with you about how to save money, become more eco-friendly, and generally maintain your plumbing system.

Save Money and Water Consumption

saving waterOne way to maintain your plumbing system in the New Year is to take care of any water leaks. By fixing any existing leaks, and by maintaining the overall plumbing system, you can save water consumption. This could mean lower bills!

Additionally, by addressing leaks as quickly as possible, you can limit any water damage in your home. This means less risk of mold and less damage to your cabinets, countertops, and flooring. When you find a leak, be sure to turn the water supply off.

You can turn fans or humidifiers on to dry out the surrounding area and check to make sure no electrical plugs or wires are affected by the leak. Fixing leaks generally requires a plumbing professional. The sooner the leak is fixed, the more money and water can be saved.

Use Eco-Friendly Pipe Material

Changing your pipe materials to more eco-friendly options can help “green” your plumbing system and save money and energy. PVC, copper, and iron are the most widely used pipe materials, but there are a few newer, more environmentally friendly plumbing options. Polyethylene and polypropylene pipes are two eco-friendly alternatives to the traditional pipe material.

eco friendly pipe materials

These plastics are generally less toxic than PVC, and they are more recyclable. Polypropylene pipes made by German company Aquatherm are listed as Greenpeace International’s only “future-friendly” plumbing material. Ask your local plumbing professional about eco-friendly options available in your area.

Maintain Water Filters

water filtersTaking care of the water filters in your home can help improve the entire basic plumbing system. Cleaning or replacing water filters frequently can help prevent pipe corrosion and other problems. Water filters trap minerals, dirt, and other contaminants, so they can get dirty and become less effective if not maintained properly.

Cleaning the filters or replacing used filters helps keep your water as clean and safe as possible, and prevents contaminants from corroding your plumbing system. Additionally, keeping that water clean can also improve your overall health.

Because your removing impurities at the source, you can your family are drinking the cleanest water possible. Talk to a plumbing professional for more ways to keep your water clean and safe. They will easily be able to create a plan that works for your home, just in time for the new year.

Trust Your Local Plumber

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