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The History of the First Black Woman to Become a Master Plumber

Meet Adrienne Bennett: A Plumbing Genius!

There is still a lot of room for improvement in the trades industry. No one knows that better than Adrienne Bennett, who rose to become the first black woman master plumber. It is important to go through recent stories of pushing past adversaries during black history month.

There is a lack of women in the plumbing industry, especially women of color. Being the minority comes with adversaries as not everyone is accepting. Still, even with all of the hardships and drawbacks, Adrienne Bennett rose to the top!

The First Few Years

The first few years that Adrienne Bennett was starting to find her passion and career were not easy. This strong woman plumber was first an engineer working at an entry-level job at a firm. During the first year, she experienced racist comments that made her rethink her decision.

Finally, after feeling unfulfilled, Adrienne Bennett stopped working for the firm. Before she landed her apprenticeship, Bennett worked odd jobs throughout Detroit.

From Apprentice To Contractor and All the Jobs In Betweencontractor

So how did Adrienne Bennett go from an apprentice to a contractor? The story is long; it did not happen overnight! Bennett tells her story of how she became the first black woman master plumber with pride, as she should!

The first step was the apprenticeship. One day, when Bennett was still in her early 20s, she was approached by a man recruiting minority women to a trade apprenticeship. She did not think too hard about the offer and applied anyway.

During the apprenticeship, she learned a lot, but the work was hard! Even though it was hard, she excelled and kept climbing up. The next career for this woman was a journeyman plumber.

Once she gained enough experience, she became a master plumber, project manager, plumbing inspector, and the official code enforcement officer for the City of Detroit. She picked up valuable skills to start her own business with all of these jobs. 

contractorLife as an Independent Contractor

Bennett is now 61 years old. Although she went to school for engineering, she is doing something she is passionate about! Most of her life has been spent in Detroit. The city is home and means a lot to her.

Not only did she start her business in her home, but she has a goal to better the city through her independent contracting business. With nearly 40 years of experience, this woman plumber and independent contractor works for herself and employs people!

This is a striking difference from how Bennett started. Bennett only made $5.00 an hour while learning and working as an apprentice.

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