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The One And Only Clogged Toilet Facts That You Need To Know

Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Clogged Toilets

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could never have to deal with a clogged toilet again? It may not be something you think about often, but let’s face it, toilet clogs are the last thing anyone wants to deal with. Not only will they stop you from using the toilet, in some cases, they can even pour wastewater into your home, a nightmare situation that could have easily been avoided! Luckily there are some steps you can take to lessen your chances of needing to deal with this dirty job in the future.

Common Reasons For Clogged Toilets

reasons for clogged toiletsOne of the most common reasons for clogged toilets is trying to flush too much toilet paper down with waste. The toilet paper “technique” you use will also have an effect. For example, “balling” up toilet paper is more likely to cause a clog than if it’s folded.

Another common cause of a clogged toilet is flushing feminine products. Tampons and pads are both designed to absorb liquid, and once they are flushed, they do just that. As they absorb liquid, they expand, causing a clog in the curved toilet pipe called a trap.

Another common cause of toilet clogs is from human or pet hair. A big enough hairball can cause a clog in the trap, just like toilet paper or feminine products. The last most common cause of clogged toilets is from foreign objects falling in the toilet.

Even if something like a toothbrush or a clip-on toilet bowl freshener falls in; it may look like it’s gone down with the flush, but it could secretly be stuck in the trap slowly creating a big clog over time. It’s best to stay on top of potential toilet clog issues before they happen.

The Toilet Repair Process

If you’re dealing with a clog and your plunger has failed to dislodge or break up the clog, it’s best to call in a professional. Some drain clogs allow a little more room for error than a toilet, so hiring a plumber versus trying to snake your toilet yourself is recommended. A plumber’s snake is a thin flexible auger that enters your toilet in a corkscrew motion.

fixing clogged toilets

Since toilets are most commonly made of porcelain, a special snake is needed in order not to damage the toilet itself. It’s important for the plumber to perform this with precision to avoid damage to the porcelain as well. As the snake enters the trap portion of your porcelain pipe, it breaks up or traps whatever is causing your clog. If it breaks up the clog, it will go down with the next flush. If it gets caught in the snake, the clog will be removed as the snake is removed.

Preventing Clogged Toilets From Happening In The First Place

preventing clogged toiletsThe best way to care for your toilet is by preventing toilet clogs before they happen. When it comes to toilet paper clogs, this can be prevented by using a “folding” method vs a “balling” method while gathering your toilet paper. Folded paper flushes more easily than a big ball of paper.

It’s also advised to do a courtesy flush, which means flushing your waste down first and then adding your toilet paper to the bowl to flush separately. Feminine products and hair should be thrown in the garbage instead of being flushed down the toilet to avoid pesky clogs.

Lastly, if you drop any foreign objects into the toilet, it’s best to remove them manually rather than try to flush them. It may not be the most appealing idea to stick your hand in the toilet to remove any objects, but it can save you a visit from the plumber and prevent any larger issues down the line.

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