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There's No Such Thing as a Refreshing Summer Drink Without Filtered Water

Now Is the Time To Install a Water Filter

Water filters have been around long enough now that most homeowners have heard about them. Still, many of those same homeowners don’t understand their importance and the benefits they provide. Having a water filtration system installed in the home provides several benefits, many of which are health benefits. It is time that homeowners learn more about water filtration systems because summer is the time of year when people want cold, refreshing drinks. That is something that can’t happen without a water filtration system. Continue reading to learn more about the benefits that water filtration systems provide. 

Taste Is Everything!filter

Summer isn’t the same without refreshing iced coffees, lemonade, and backyard barbeques. However, with a whole-home water filtration system, all of these things can taste even better! 

As humans, we have to drink an abundance of water each day to stay alive and well. For many, a majority of that water comes straight from their tap. When one becomes so used to drinking unfiltered water, they might not even notice how it tastes until they try filtered water. They might even say that filtered water tastes weird in comparison. However, it is all of the impurities that they are used to tasting. When all the impurities are filtered out, and all that’s left is pure water, it’s hard not to want filtered water at all times. Not to mention the taste difference it adds to those refreshing drinks and even the food! 

The taste alone is enough to get homeowners wanting a water filtration system installed in their homes. 

Dangerous Chemicals and Harmful Bacteria

One of the main reasons there is such a big taste difference between filtered and unfiltered water is that there are so many different chemicals and potentially even harmful bacteria in tap water. The chemicals have to be in the water to be safe to drink, but that doesn’t make it healthy to drink them. 

It is a good thing those chemicals are in the water because, without them, homeowners would need a lot more than a water filter to ensure their water was safe enough to drink. That said, without a filtration system, it is essential that homeowners understand they are drinking those chemicals. Sometimes, the chemicals don’t even clear away all of the harmful bacteria, leading to them drinking the bacteria and potentially getting sick. 

Some of the chemicals in tap water include:

  • Chlorine
  • Zinc
  • Lead
  • Mercury 
  • Herbicides

The Body Gets a Detoxdrinking water

Naturally, the body will go through a detox period when homeowners decide to switch to a whole-home water filtration system. After years of drinking unfiltered tap water every day, their bodies will start to detox those chemicals. This detoxification process is the long-term benefit that homeowners find they are most satisfied with. 

Many experience benefits like increased energy, better sleep, improved heart health, improved digestion, and many more. Above all else, health and wellness are the main reason that people drink water in the first place. So, why not have as healthy drinking water in the home as possible?

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