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Three Tactics to Prevent Plumbing Disasters Over the Summer

How to Avoid Summer Plumbing Problems 

Summertime is meant for relaxation, but for all those planning to take a break during the summer, plumbing problems never take time off. Homeowners should invest some time protecting their plumbing instead of checking out during the summer. By spending a little time looking for plumbing problems before they get out of hand and changing a few habits, homeowners can be well on their way to a problem-free summer. 

Look for Leaks 

leakLeaks are one of the most expensive plumbing problems a home can have. Not only do leaks waste a ton of water that adds up on water bills, but they can also cause complications like water damage that are expensive to repair. Taking some time during the summer to look for leaks can help prevent high water bills and headaches caused by repairs. 

Look for leaks first by visually inspecting exposed pipes and fixtures. Leaks often occur at joints as well as fixtures like faucets. Checking these and making quick repairs go a long way toward water conservation during the summer. To find leaks that could be hidden, like slab leaks or pipe leaks behind walls, keep an eye on the water meter. Periodically, homeowners should check their water meter, ensure nothing in the house is using water, then look at the meter again. Water meters can be used to identify leaks before they are noticed by traditional warning signs. 

Don’t Put Food Waste Down the Drain 

drainPeople like to cook during the summer, whether hosting a get-together or firing up the grill. When it comes to cleanup, one of the biggest contributors to summer plumbing problems is bad drain habits. Too often during the summer, people pour cooking grease and oil down the drain and dispose of food scraps down the drain. As grease and oil cool, they can cling to the inside of pipes, where they will grab other debris like food scraps and cause a nasty clog. 

To prevent this problem during the summer, simply change bad habits and use the garbage can instead. Put food scraps like vegetable waste or uneaten food in the trash. Likewise, pour hot grease and oil into a secondary, heat-proof container and allow it to cool before discarding it in the garbage. This will help prevent sewer line clogs and the symptoms they can cause, such as slow draining. 

Remember Maintenance and Drain Cleaning 

Preventing summer plumbing problems is easier when homeowners pay extra attention, but sometimes that isn’t enough. Luckily, there are professionals who can lend a hand to keep the summers safe from plumbing disasters. 

To get protection from plumbing emergencies, let professionals handle things like: 

Hiring professionals for routine maintenance and drain cleaning services is a great habit that’s an easy way to help prevent plumbing problems, as this will allow them to perform many tasks to keep the plumbing system running smoothly and catch any issues before they become bigger problems. With these easy changes, homeowners can look forward to a trouble-free summer. 

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