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What Causes Water Pressure To Decrease?

Common Causes of Low Water Pressure Problems

Plumbing problems can manifest in several ways. Some consequences of plumbing problems can be severe, resulting in property damage. On the other hand, some plumbing problems can cause constant inconvenience and frustration. Low water pressure falls into this category.

Low water pressure is a common plumbing problem, and most people will experience it. All too often, people don’t know that they have the power to take action against low water pressure. Here is a list of common causes of low water pressure. Paying attention to these can help homeowners reverse low water pressure so they can enjoy their plumbing again.

Leaks in the Plumbing System

leaksEver been unfortunate enough to be in the shower when someone flushes a toilet or turns on the washing machine? Anyone who has experienced that pressure drop knows what it’s like when pressure escapes from a closed system like home plumbing.

Plumbing systems are designed to operate at a certain pressure. Each time water is allowed to escape from the system, the pressure within the system drops. As a result, leaks in the plumbing system can contribute to drops in water pressure.

Each leak in a plumbing system allows precious drops of water to escape. When multiple leaks are present, the pressure in the entire system can drop enough to make a noticeable difference. Repairing every plumbing leak as soon as it is noticed can maintain water pressure and reverse long-term drops in water pressure.

Pipe Clogs and Buildup Inside Pipes

Another common cause of low water pressure has to do with what is going on inside the pipes. Pipes carry hundreds and sometimes thousands of gallons of water every month. Even clean, treated water carries dissolved solids that can be corrosive to certain materials. Over time, these solids can corrode the inside of piping or deposit a scale that impedes flow within the pipe.

The scale inside of pipes can drastically reduce water pressure. In addition, the scale can also break off inside the pipe and block aerator screens and valves, further worsening the problem. The answer to water pressure problems resulting from corrosion and scale is to upgrade plumbing materials or install water softeners to remove dissolved minerals from the water. Plumbers can also use a drain snake or hydrojetting to clear clogs.

Fixture Problems or Partially Closed Valves

open the valveHomeowners should pay attention to which portions of the plumbing system are affected by low water pressure—knowing if the whole home is affected or just a single fixture can offer valuable insight into what is happening inside the plumbing.

Often, water pressure issues are narrowed down to one specific part of the home but more than one fixture. The cause of this is often a shut-off valve that isn’t fully open. Valves are the best place to start looking when sections of the home’s plumbing all begin having pressure issues.

In other cases, single fixtures have water pressure problems. Inside the fixture are valves that can break and aerate devices that can clog. Checking and replacing faulty parts or fixtures can restore water pressure to each device.

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