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What Is Backflow Testing, and Why Is It Important?

Your Backflow Questions Answered by Professionals

Many plumbing issues can happen in a home. Burst pipes, leaks, and clogs, just to name a few. The thing is that most homeowners already know how to deal with leaks, clogs, and the like. But there is one lurking plumbing problem that catches most homeowners by surprise: Backflow. Not only is backflow dangerous, but many states require that homeowners have their plumbing systems tested and certified to prevent backflow. 

But first things first, homeowners must know what backflow is and why backflow testing is important before taking appropriate action to prevent it. 

What Does Backflow Mean?

In simple terms, backflow happens when there’s a sudden or drastic change in the pressure of a home’s plumbing system. Sometimes this is caused by a broken water main, and other times it can be caused by an open fire hydrant in the area. Sometimes excessive rain can cause backflow, as well. But what exactly is backflow?

Backflow happens when dirty water flows back into the pipes that are supposed to deliver it from the house. Essentially, it’s a kind of flooding that happens inside the plumbing system. This can contaminate a home’s drinking water, causing health problems for those who live there. This is why many plumbing experts suggest that homes get backflow testing done once a year. 

Why Do Homeowners Need Backflow Certification?backflow

The most pressing reason homeowners need backflow testing and certification is to ensure their water is safe to drink and use for bathing. Believe it or not, it can be difficult to tell when backflow occurs. It’s not always apparent. And it’s not always sewage that flows back into a home’s plumbing system. 

Sometimes backflow can happen with other types of contaminated water. Fertilizers and agricultural pesticides can contaminate a home’s system if backflow occurs. But no matter what kind of contamination it is, no one wants to be drinking water that isn’t clean and safe. This is why homeowners need backflow certification. 

Who Can Perform Backflow Testing and Certification?plumber

Backflow preventers are designed to keep backflow from happening in the event of an emergency. However, since these specially designed devices don’t get used regularly, they can succumb to disrepair, which can keep them from working when they’re supposed to. Luckily, this only happens when backflow preventers aren’t tested regularly. For the best backflow protection, homeowners should have their testing and certification done once a year. 

But this is not a DIY job. A professional plumber needs to test and certify the backflow preventer to ensure proper function. And, in many places, it’s required by law to have the device certified by a professional. So those homeowners that aren’t sure if they’ve had their backflow preventer tested recently - or those who think they’re experiencing backflow - should call a professional plumber today to remedy the issue!

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