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Why Whole Home Water Filtration Is Important

The Top Reasons Why Every Home Should Filter Water

Municipal water treatment is pretty good, overall. Without these treatment plants, far fewer people would have access to drinkable water. However, just because water is technically drinkable doesn’t mean that it’s the best it can be. In fact, most tap water contains some amount of chlorine and may even have some pollutants in it. After all, water treatment plants are good, but sometimes an accident contaminates the water supply. 

This is just one overall reason why whole-home water filtration is a great idea for any home. Read on to find out the other top reasons why homeowners should filter their water.  

The Taste and Smell of Clean Waterwater

One of the most apparent benefits of whole-home filtration systems is the taste and smell of clean water. Many homeowners get a whiff of chlorine or a less-than-fresh smell when they turn on the tap. And when water doesn’t smell great, it usually doesn’t taste great, either. Whole-home water filtration options effectively remove the chemicals, pollutants, and bacteria that can make water smell and taste bad. 

But those homeowners who are only worried about drinking water can get a filtration pitcher or a faucet filter. These are options, but they don’t do anything to protect against the water used for bathing, cooking, or brushing teeth. This is why whole-home filters are so appealing - homeowners can have fresh, clean water at every faucet in the house. 

Removes Chlorine and Lead

It’s no secret that water treatment plants use chlorine as part of their treatment method. And, technically, the small amounts of chlorine that ends up in a home’s water supply are safe enough. But for many people, “safe enough” isn’t good enough. Those who don’t want to ingest chlorine - whether through drinking, bathing, or brushing - should get a whole-home system. 

Unlike chlorine, there’s no safe amount of lead in the water supply. Unfortunately, lead does end up in the water supply at different levels. Too much lead ingestion can lead to serious health problems, which is why many people prefer not to risk it. The removal of chlorine and lead is two of the top reasons why homeowners should go with a whole-home filtration system. 

Protects Against Pollutantspollutants

Some pollutants can cause unpleasant health problems. Parasites and bacteria in the water supply can cause digestive issues. Luckily, these and other impurities can be removed by water filtration. And while simple pitcher filters only remove a limited amount of pollutants, whole-home systems are excellent at removing bacteria, viruses, parasites, chlorine, lead, and chemicals from agriculture. 

By installing a whole-home system, homeowners can be confident that all the water they use in the house is clean and healthy. They no longer have to worry about deposits that end up on clothes in the washer, or skin irritation after a shower, or lead in the water supply. And believe it or not, installing one of these systems is a breeze, especially with the help of a friendly neighborhood plumbing company. 

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