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Wonky Garbage Disposal? Here Are Some Signs It Needs Repair

Signs Indicating the Garbage Disposal Is Broken

Cleaning up in the kitchen can be a hassle, especially when dealing with leftovers, food debris, and other kitchen scraps that are a natural byproduct of cooking and eating. Most of that stuff gets thrown in the trash, but for the little bits of food waste that slip through the cracks, there is the garbage disposal.

Garbage disposals allow homeowners to deal with food waste conveniently and safely for their plumbing by grinding up bits and pieces of food in a chamber that spins the material through shredder rings until they are small enough to be safely sent down the drain pipe. While they are meant to last between 10 and 15 years, they may need repairs before then to keep them running effectively. Here are a few ways to tell if it’s time to repair the garbage disposal.

Something Odd About the Sound It Makes

noisesStrange and unusual sounds are one of the easiest ways to tell that the garbage disposal is malfunctioning. If there is something off about the sound the garbage disposal makes - anything out of the ordinary - then it can indicate something is wrong. 

A garbage disposal humming but not grinding the food could result from a jam in the impeller. Other weird noises, like a buzzing, squealing, or loud screeching noise accompanied by a metal sound, could indicate mechanical or electrical problems. They could also mean that a component is out of place or something is stuck and needs to be repaired.

Not Operating as It Should

It takes a certain amount of time for the garbage disposal to grind through food in its chamber, but it’s typically quick. If homeowners begin to notice that the garbage disposal is lagging in performance and not working quickly, it may be dealing with worn-out parts, dull blades, or simply be caused by aging. Clogged garbage disposals could also be the culprit. 

While some issues with the disposal not turning on can be remedied by using the garbage disposal reset button, it must be noted that using the reset button more frequently is another sign of the disposal experiencing problems and not operating as it should. Instead of going through the hassle of constantly resetting it and ignoring any underlying issues, it’s time to repair or replace the garbage disposal unit instead.

It Doesn’t Smell Right

smellWhen it comes to garbage disposals, sometimes the nose knows there is a problem before homeowners do. Foul smells from the drain and garbage disposal could indicate that food is getting trapped in the garbage disposal chamber and not disposed of properly down the drain. Additionally, it could indicate a clog in the piping that could have been caused by the garbage disposal not working correctly to grind food waste small enough to pass through the plumbing.

Any food that gets stuck or creates clogs in the garbage disposal’s impeller, shredder rings, or other moving parts in the chamber could rot and give off stinky odors and affect the disposal’s performance, which is why it’s crucial to resolve this issue with a timely call to a professional plumber.

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