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Reasons To Hire A Plumber To Remodel Your Bathroom

Thinking about remodeling your bathroom?


Trinity Bathroom RemodelSo you want to be a self-sufficient home owner? We all do. The spirit of "How hard can it be?" and "I'll figure it out" inspires all of us to do things we are laughably incompetent to do. Remodeling a bathroom is one of these areas best left to the experts. If you have to drive to the nearest hardware store to pick up your very first pair of channel locks or if you're looking up youtube videos of how to run copper, you're probably in over your head. Remodeling a bathroom requires the right tools, the right training, and the right experience.

One main reason a bathroom remodel project should be left to the pros is because of the consequences of a job poorly done. If you're new to drywall, the worst thing that can happen if you do a poor job is you end up with a wall that has odd lumps and exposed seams. Inexperience in plumbing a bathroom, however, can leave you with a very expensive mess. If you don't have the right tools, experience, or training your walls could get soaked and then you have a bigger project than you planned. When your walls get wet in places that you can't reach, mold can begin to grow. Drywall needs to be replaced and the water needs to be shut off for a long time while you call the plumber you should have called in the first place. The merits of PEX versus CPVC versus copper are known only by seasoned plumbers. Can you really trust those Gator Bite connectors to prevent a leak? Again, only a plumber with years of experience can know. 

The final reason for hiring a plumber for a bathroom remodel is for the assurance of a quality job finished in a reasonable amount of time. Plumbers have all the tools they need with them. Their experience has taught them how to avoid making a small job turn into a big job. Efficiency, speed, and quality are all things worth paying for.

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