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Signs Your Home Needs To Be Repiped

Does your home need to be repiped?


Trinity RepipingThe pipes in your home, especially if it was built before the 1970's, will only last so long. Earlier homes in particular have copper or steel piping, which will rust and decay over a shorter period of time than more modern PVC. Mineral buildup in either case can cause severe problems in the water supply and affect the efficiency of appliances like the dishwasher, showers, and sinks. There are several red flags that indicate the home's pipes need to be replaced.

The most prominent sign is usually leaking. Leaks are small at first, but left unattended or improperly treated will get larger and more severe. This indicates that the pipes are weakening, due to normal wear and tear as well as heavy calcium and mineral buildup, which cannot be removed from pipes.

Further weakening will causes fractures and small holes in the pipes, which leads to another common sign that the pipes need to be replaced. If you experience spurts and stutters when water sources start up, there is probably air in the pipes, a strong indicator the home's piping is nearing the end of its life. As the pipes continue to disintegrate, or rust and sediment continues to build up, water pressure will begin to weaken. If there is a noticeable decrease in water pressure, it's probably time to have the pipes looked at and possibly replaced.

Finally, the two arguably most severe symptoms of needing a repiping job involve sediment from the pipes actually contaminating the water supply delivered to the home. If there is a funny taste in the water, or the water appears reddish or brown, contamination may be to blame. Sometimes there is no visible sediment in the water, but rust and calcium stains will begin appearing in tubs and sink basins. Either way, this requires immediate professional attention, and is also an indication that replacement may be required.

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