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Make Your Bathroom Beautiful for 2016!

5 Inventive Ways to Remodel Your Bathroom for the New Year

The New Year is the perfect time to think about remodeling any room in your house. Many rooms can be remodeled easily often for much less than you might expect to spend. Remodeling a bath can add elegance and resale value to your Trinity home house. Consider the following ideas to get the perfect new bathroom in the new year.

Trinity, FL bathroom-remodeling-servicesInstall New Tile

Tile is the ideal material for any bathroom. Tile wipes clean easily and looks great. Install brand new tile on bathroom walls and flooring to have a fresh new look in your favorite bathroom. Pick out a specific tiled pattern in the bathroom to add a highly beautiful and personalized touch you'll just love.

Update Your Faucets and Other Hardware

Bring your bathroom into the future with the best possible brand new updated faucets and hardware. A new style can help add life to any room and provide the space with a focal point at the same time. Look for hardware that fits in with your existing bathroom style.

Put in a Skylight

More light is always welcome in any space. This is particularly true of bathrooms where light can be at a premium. Brighten up any bathroom by having a skylight installed. A skylight can also add a sense of luxury to any space. Installing a skylight allows for more ventilation letting more water wick away from the space.

Purchase a New Tub

As any bathroom ages, the tub can age as well. When a tub ages, all kinds of problems may result. Water from the tub may leak into the room, ruining flooring there and even flooring below. Help create a new look in the bathroom by installing a new tub with the latest in advanced features. Look for newer tubs that fit in well with the rest of the theme of the bathroom. A good new tub should last for decades without needing repairs of any kind.

Use updated Accessories

Create a brand new look on a budget with the use of the right accessories in your Trinity bathroom. Use a bold new shower curtain in vibrant colors to add a splash of unexpected tones to the room. Purchase new cups and towels for the bath. Let the bathroom reflect your personal tastes by updating it with new items. Even a budget, you can still have the wonderful feel of a lively new space with the right accessories.

Start the new year in your Trinity, FL home with a new bathroom! Call Roman Plumbing at (727) 858-3412 today, so we can get started!