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A Yummy Lemonade Deserves Filtered Water

Crystal clear water. Fresh-squeezed lemon juice. The perfect amount of sugar. Maybe you like an add-in, like pureed strawberries, or maybe you prefer the unadulterated goodness of a good old-fashioned lemonade. But the taste of any lemonade is only as good as its ingredients, like fresh lemons, quality sugar, and most importantly, good, clean water.



Failed Plumbing Fixes by DIY Dads

Dads can fix everything. They fix broken toys, broken fences, and broken hearts. Great dads are always there when you need a laugh or a hug. As perfect as dads seem, sometimes they make mistakes too. Despite their best efforts, sometimes home improvement projects get the best of them. To honor handy dads this Father’s



Who’s Actually A Fan of Cold Showers Anyway?

In today's world, we have come to recognize the significance of having electrical power or a reputable internet connection in the house. Although most people still fail to value the overall utility that hot water has brought into our lives, they certainly notice it when it’s gone. Envision our early morning showers with freezing water