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A Yummy Lemonade Deserves Filtered Water


Crystal clear water. Fresh-squeezed lemon juice. The perfect amount of sugar. Maybe you like an add-in, like pureed strawberries, or maybe you prefer the unadulterated goodness of a good old-fashioned lemonade.

But the taste of any lemonade is only as good as its ingredients, like fresh lemons, quality sugar, and most importantly, good, clean water. The kind you get from the best of water filters. Having pure, filtered water is important because with a bad filter (or no filter at all) you may be getting some unwanted extra ingredients!

Keep reading to learn more about the water in your home, and how to treat it. We’ll talk about water softeners, whole house water filters, and UV water filters, and how they can help you to have the best quality water in your home.

Hard Water Needs a Soft Touch

hardwaterHard water is a pain to deal with! It leaves soap scum, it makes it harder to shampoo and bath, it leaves stains on glassware. It can even gunk up your plumbing! In short, it’s a nuisance.

Water softeners work by removing metal cations such as calcium and magnesium from hard water. This helps the softer water to mix better with soap, meaning you need to use less to get a good lather up.

Does your hair feel dried out and crispy? It might not be your shampoo, it could be your hard water! A water softening system could help restore your skin and hair to full health and luster.

Opt for a Whole Home Filter for Complete Protection

wholehousewaterfilterWhole house water filters work by attaching to your main water line to clean all of the water that goes through your house. There are three types of whole house water filters, each with advantages.

Carbon water filters are the least expensive, and most effective at removing chlorine. Reverse Osmosis filters cost a bit more and waste more water, but eliminate the need for separate filters at other locations, like the shower or kitchen.

A third option is Next-Generation Technology, which combines the best of both - lower cost, less waste, and doesn’t remove good minerals. It’s good to have your entire water system filtered because of the chemicals contained in municipal water.

Think about it, if you’re not filtering those out, then you are breathing them in every time water steams or vaporizes into the air! Breathing those chemicals can be even more harmful than drinking them.

Get the Best of Disinfection With a UV Water Filter

uvwaterfiltersUV water filters are another newer way to filter your whole house, and are especially cost-efficient if you have a smaller home. Unlike the above systems, they work to remove biological matter from your home water system.

A UV light works as a germicide by destroying the genetic core of microorganisms, killing off anything harmful in the process. Viruses such as e. coli don’t stand a chance against it.

UV water filters are a great option if your water comes from a well or another type of personal water system, but still, make sense for a home on municipal water because of parasites like giardia.

Your home is an important space. You want to feel safe and secure there. Don’t let an insidious water issue compromise the health of your family. Call us today to let us look for signs of harmful water in your home.