New Port Richey, FL Water Softener Installation & Repair

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Water Softener System Installation & Repair New Port Richey, FL

Roman Plumbing Inc. is your source for more than just basic plumbing needs. We can also install a water softener as a way to combat potentially damaging hard water. A water softener can be a wise investment in many ways beyond just avoiding hard water stains on your laundry. If you're not sure if a water softener is right for you, we'll come to your New Port Richey, FL home and determine if you have enough of a problem with hard water to warrant making such an investment.

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What Is a Water Softener?

A water softener is a device that replaces calcium and magnesium ions responsible for creating what's termed "hard water" through the use of sodium. There are different types of water softeners that can be installed to keep your water soft for a variety of household uses. We'll take the time to explain the advantages of each type of softener while helping you to make an informed decision. Benefits of soft water include:

  • Whiter, brighter clothes.
  • More refreshing showers and baths.
  • No more dull film on dishes and glasses.
  • More flavorful foods and beverages.
  • Less dependence on laundry products to counteract hard water.
  • Prevention of limescale buildup on pipes.
  • Saving on repair of equipment (washing machines, dishwashers, etc.).

Water Softener Services

If you already have a water softener, we can analyze your softener to determine if it's time to upgrade to a new system. We can also make repairs or replace parts that may have worn out over time. Save time and money with our cost-effective water softener service. We'll determine if it makes more sense to replace your existing unit with a new unit or if a few repairs will restore the efficiency of your system. If you do need a new unit, we'll take care of everything related to the installation process, including properly disposing of the old unit.

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How Should I Maintain My Water Softener?

Regardless of whether you have a new softener system that we installed or you have an existing unit, regular maintenance keeps your water softener working as it was designed to work. As a general rule of thumb, you should check your water softener system every 2-3 months to ensure efficient operation. Routine maintenance of your water softener should include:

  • Checking the salt level.
  • Adding salt on a regular basis (generally when the level falls below the halfway mark).
  • Checking for a buildup of salt in the brine tank.
  • Breaking up clumps of salt.
  • Cleaning the brine tank (usually every 6 to 12 months).

Check your owner's manual to ensure that you add the right type of salt. It will be one of three choices: tablet, granular, or block. If you notice a significant buildup of salt in your brine tank (also referred to as "bridging"), it's best to completely clean your tank to prevent the recurrence of salt bridges.

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