New Port Richey, FL Garbage Disposal Repair & Replacement

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Garbage Disposal Repair & Installation New Port Richey, FL

At Roman Plumbing Inc., we offer top of the line, high-quality plumbing services for New Port Richey, FL residential homes, commercial properties and new constructions. Whether you're looking for plumbing repairs or installations, we are here to provide our customers with reliable, affordable and friendly services from highly-trained technicians. We have found that one of the most highly sought-after plumbing features that many opt to have installed in their home is a garbage disposal. This gives you the ability of conveniently flushing your food waste down the drain without the worry of clogging up the sink.

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What Is a Garbage Disposal?

Having a garbage disposal within your sink is not only convenient, but can also be very environmentally friendly. If you have never had a garbage disposal in your home before, you may not know exactly what it is. This kitchen appliance can be installed within the drain of your sink. This device is powered by an electric system and shreds food into very small pieces when turned on. The food is typically shredded small enough so that it is easily able to pass through your pipes and plumbing without clogging up your system.

What Services Does a Garbage Disposal Offer?

One of the greatest services that a garbage disposal offers is the ability to shred your food waste without the worry of clogging up your sink drains. Rather than throwing away food that will ultimately fill up a landfill which can be harmful to the environment, garbage disposals transport this waste through the sewers and to a treatment plant. There are two different types of main garbage disposals that you may opt to install within your home. This includes one that runs continuously with the ability to keep adding food while the other type of garbage disposal must be filled up before turning on to shred the waste.

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How Do You Maintain Your Garbage Disposal?

A homeowner with garbage disposals must take advantage of regular maintenance in order to keep this appliance functioning correctly. It is also important for the disposal to be installed correctly to prevent injury and to grind the food properly so that it does not cause clogs. Our expert plumbers are available to service your garbage disposal and other plumbing needs. Always run cold water down the drain while the disposal is on and refrain from putting any hard items or trash down the drain. Our regular maintenance services are designed to enhance the overall performance of your garbage disposal and to ensure that it is working properly at all times.

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