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Our Spring Song: Another One Bites The Dust?

Certain songs just fit a particular season. Surfin’ USA, by the Beach Boys, just screams Summer. And is it really Winter until you hear Let It Snow (even if we Floridians are pretty unlikely to see any of the white stuff!)? Maybe it’s just because we are in the plumbing profession but our song of



Essential Tips For Avoiding Leaking Toilets

As far as plumbing issues go, your toilet is probably one of the most repair-prone fixtures in your home. Not only are they susceptible to clogging, which can be a very unsanitary issue, but also they may suffer from leaks. A leaky toilet can be internal, which is always a good thing, or extender, which



How to Easily Automate Your Shower

The future is here thanks to incredible innovations that are taking place every day. The “smart home” is the newest trend that takes us ever closer to living in a world straight out of a Star Trek episode. With a fully automated home, you can control everything from the security network, electrical sources, and even