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Commit to a Healthier Plumbing System This Valentine’s Day


Valentine’s Day. What a bizarre holiday. How many times have you seen packs of men swarming the greeting card aisle at the store, desperately searching for whatever’s left? Or, worst yet, searching for any leftover, squished, sad-looking bouquet of red roses that haven’t been purchased yet from the floral department.

That’s not even the worst part. The worst part is the expectations of people in relationships on Valentine’s Day. Are they going to pop the question? While there can be some over the top expectations, Valentine’s Day certainly isn’t a commitment phobic person’s favorite day of the year.

Speaking of commitment phobia, there is certainly one commitment even the most nervous and hesitant of us can feel good, confident and smart about - joining a membership plan with a reputable plumbing service. It’s a stable, safe, logical, worthwhile plan and a very intelligent investment.

Avoid Plumbing Emergencies Easily

plumbingemergencyHaving a contract with Roman Plumbing greatly decreases the odds of having a plumbing emergency, as with preventative maintenance, the odds of something going catastrophically wrong are greatly reduced.

The Roman Plumbing professionals check, double and triple check to make sure everything is in good working order and that your home is safe from disaster. However, despite regular, careful, routine maintenance, flukes and freak accidents still occur, though they are few and far between with regular maintenance.

Imagine waking up on a frigid night with no heat and a pipe that’s frozen and burst, flooding your basement. Now is not the time to be flipping through the phone book looking for an emergency contractor, or viewing Yelp reviews online out of desperation. Choosing a contractor at random is risky, unsafe and oftentimes next to useless.

In an emergency, you want to be able to contact a company you know and trust; their phone number readily available. You don’t want to be an anonymous, one-time customer, you want to be the regular client of a trustworthy, reputable company who will be there in an emergency, promptly.

A Clean Pipe System

pipesystemWhy is it important to have your piping system regularly cleaned out by a licensed, experienced professional?

Unpleasant odors that can buildup within pipes over time can be eliminated. Additionally, getting timely cleanings done prevents future blockages and other potentially serious problems.

Like getting your teeth professionally cleaned by a dentist, getting your drains professionally cleaned can prevent future, more serious problems that are considerably more expensive and highly problematic to correct.

A Long-Term Plumber Who Knows Your Home

longtermAnother benefit of having a contract with a plumbing company is that your home will most likely be regularly serviced by the same person.

This person will become familiar with your particular, unique home, inside and out, getting a better understanding of the condition of your plumbing, your home’s needs, strengths, weaknesses, potential problem areas and places to be monitored carefully.

He or she will familiarize themselves with your home’s plumbing, and will no longer be a stranger to your home. Additionally, over time, you will get to know and trust the contractor. Most people prefer seeing a familiar, friendly face rather than inviting an unknown person into their house.

If you’ve decided to sign up for a membership plan with Roman Plumbing, congratulations on making an intelligent, well-informed and sensible decision. Ultimately, your home and your wallet will reap the benefits. You have the confidence of having experienced, meticulous experts taking care of your home, including during plumbing emergencies, all at a very fair price.