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Our Spring Song: Another One Bites The Dust?


Certain songs just fit a particular season. Surfin’ USA, by the Beach Boys, just screams Summer. And is it really Winter until you hear Let It Snow (even if we Floridians are pretty unlikely to see any of the white stuff!)?

Maybe it’s just because we are in the plumbing profession but our song of Spring has to go to Queen’s Another One Bites the Dust. This may seem like an odd choice but it actually makes sense. This time of year, the Spring weather brings about a ton of dust in the air.

This dust not only settles in our houses (hello Spring Cleaning!) but can actually find its way into our water supply, exacerbating an already existing hard water problem. This article will help you identify and understand hard water problems, as well as point you in the direction of a solution.

Identifying And Understanding Hard Water

hardwaterYou’ve probably heard the term hard water a lot but you may not know what it actually means. Most water sources occur underground or in contact with the earth. This can allow minerals to seep into the water.

When concentrations of minerals, particularly magnesium and calcium, get to a high enough point, you will have hard water. Seasonal dust can also find its way into the water, adding to the hard water issues.

It may sound harmless, especially since we are nutritionally always trying to get more vitamins and minerals into our bodies. However, having a hard water problem can certainly have impacts on your life.

The minerals can aggravate sensitive skin and hair conditions, including eczema. In addition, hard water can wear through the fabrics of your clothes in the washing machine and leave hard water spots on your dishes and countertops.

Solving Your Hard Water Problems With a Water Softener

cleanwaterIt stands to reason that a hard water problem can be solved by something called a water softener. Even though this may conjure images of a comfortable pillow or something, the process of softening hard water is actually pretty simple.

A water softening system utilizes a resin bed. The hard water passes through the resin bed and a scientific process called ion exchange occurs.

The resin bed absorbs the calcium and magnesium leaving clean, soft water. The only general maintenance that these systems need is to recharge the resin bed, generally done with salt. Simple and effective.

Water Softener Costs Now Save You Money Later

watersoftenercostThere are plenty of long term benefits to getting the hard water problem in your house solved. There are a plethora of options for getting a water softener set up in your house.

The biggest necessity is having a professional check the severity of your hard water supply, to ensure that your solution is up to the job.

There are also optional features, like water softening systems that can automatically recharge the resin basin as opposed to having to do it manually.

However, the minerals in hard water can eventually clog your pipes with buildup. Making the investment in a water softening system now can make save you from a scary repair bill down the road. Okay, even after this explanation, it probably still is just us in the plumbing profession that think of Another One Bites the Dust as a quintessential Spring song.

However, to ensure that you aren’t thinking of that song because you have a hard water problem, call one of the professionals at Roman Plumbing at (727) 858-3412 to make sure you don’t have any issues going forward.