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Essential Tips For Avoiding Leaking Toilets


As far as plumbing issues go, your toilet is probably one of the most repair-prone fixtures in your home. Not only are they susceptible to clogging, which can be a very unsanitary issue, but also they may suffer from leaks. A leaky toilet can be internal, which is always a good thing, or extender, which can lead to serious damage to your home.

While not all homeowners are DIY fixers, and won’t be able to solve the issue themselves, at the very least you should always be able to diagnose the issue and get an expert solution. Read on to learn the basics of leaking toilets and what could be causing the issue in your home.

What Type of Toilet Flapper do You Have?

flapperThe toilet flapper is responsible for keeping the entire flushing system working. Found inside the tank behind your toilet, these flappers sit above the outlet pipe that leads into your toilet bowl.

When you flush the toilet, a chain that’s attached to the flapper is lifted, allowing the water to flow through. Once the water is emptied, it securely closes again, refiling the toilet in the process.

Although it seems like a basic system, the flapper assembly can be complex depending on the type of flapper you have. Some can be as simple as a stopper that fits directly into the inlet pipe. Others sit on top, and others are built into the actual float as a complete assembly. Because a leaking flapper is a common issue in toilets, you can easily find replacement parts at your local hardware store.

Causes of a Running Toilet

runningtoiletIf your toilet flapper is not the cause for the ghost flushing, there could be a more serious issue in your plumbing system.

More often than not, it still has to do with the flushing mechanism behind your toilet.

A damaged or faulty float can cause the water to constantly run, filling and refilling your toilet even when it isn’t in use. Similarly, the water supply line that leads in from your plumbing could also have a leak.

While this can happen inside your toilet, it could also happen behind it, leading to water damage to your baseboards and bathroom. In the worst case scenario, your toilet can be cracked or damaged.

In many instances, this will require the complete replacement of your toilet. Generally, if you see water leaking from the base of your toilet, it’s a good idea to close the water valve and call your local plumber.

The Importance of Expert Maintenance

maintainThe easiest way to deal with a leaking toilet is to prevent it altogether. With regular toilet and plumbing maintenance, you can ensure that the mechanical components inside your toilet are working properly, along with the seals that keep water off your bathroom floor.

If you’re experiencing a consistent issue, and don’t know what the source is, feel free to call our pros at Roman Plumbing. We offer top-quality solutions and always take the time to educate you on your home’s plumbing to better prevent plumbing emergencies.