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How to Easily Automate Your Shower


The future is here thanks to incredible innovations that are taking place every day. The “smart home” is the newest trend that takes us ever closer to living in a world straight out of a Star Trek episode.

With a fully automated home, you can control everything from the security network, electrical sources, and even the locking of your home. These innovations can let you keep exact track of energy spending in your home, and it’s a great way to accurately control the systems in your home in order to have them working at peak efficiency.

But shopping for these systems can be confusing. When our family originally wanted to optimize our house into a “smart home” we found it difficult to get reliable information and spent months searching for which plumbing systems work best together. After some much-needed research, we found the perfect balance of appliances and system for us.

What Exactly is a Smart Home?

smarthomeA “smart home” is a fully automated house with a single automation system that can control lighting, entertainment systems, appliances, even the security system of a home.

These automation systems can usually be controlled remotely with an app on your phone, making it easy to get work done at the house whether you’re there or not.

Because certain smart home features let you control appliances, such as your shower, you can also control the exact temperature at which the water comes out, the pressure, and any time limit you’d like to set, all without ever having to turn a single knob.

Investing in a Digital Shower

prosconsWhen bathroom remodeling, purchasing a digital shower is the ultimate investment to enjoy unrivaled luxury and comfort.

Make no mistake, the installation and associated costs are high, but if your intention is to increase the value of your home, this is a great investment.

So, how do you choose the right shower from your home? Major brands include Moen U, Kohler, and Gowe. With all these brands, you get plenty of options with different models that include great benefits like limited warranties, shower countdown and automation, and improved heating efficiency.

However, like any electronic systems, the downsides can include faulty programming, unresponsive screens according to some owners, and, of course, the high upfront cost. It’s always important to research the different brands and models, including customer reviews, to see which one is right for you.

The Perfect Shower Head

showerheadA digital showerhead proves that with enough innovation, even the simplest appliances can make our lives richer. When combined with a digital shower control, installing a digital shower gives you even more control.

There are plenty of options available, from fixed, multi-outlet shower heads that give you a 360-degree shower experience, to traditional single shower heads with advanced temperature settings and purification options.

The days of using a hand-held shower head are over. Install a smart shower in your home and boost its efficiency with advanced digital shower heads that give you ultimate control. Choose to have two shower heads at different heights and you’ll be able to clean and refresh yourself like never before.

You can set one to work, or both with fluctuating waves of water at the perfect temperature. At Roman Plumbing we’ll help you push your home into the future with fast and efficient digital shower installations. We welcome you to share this blog with your friends so they can learn more about how their home can be optimized and improved.