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What Are The Benefits Of Low-Flow Toilets And Dual Flush Toilets?

What Are The Benefits Of Low-Flow Toilets And Dual Flush Toilets?

Did you know that one simple and affordable home improvement job could save you hundreds of dollars on your utility bills? If your toilet was installed before the 90s, it's time to make the switch even if you're not planning on renovating your bathroom.

Older toilets consume as much as 7 gallons per flush. It was only in 1994 that it became mandatory for new toilets to consume a maximum of 3.5 gallons per flush. This led to the rise of low-flow toilets in the US.

Save Money with a Low-Flow Toilet

benefits_of_low_flow_toiletsBoasting water consumption rates that are half that of traditional toilets, low-flow toilets will lead to substantial savings on your utility bills. In fact, the estimated saving is $100 per year on the average household’s water bills.

Superior Water Consumption Rates of Dual Flush Toilets

While low-flow toilets bring the gallons per flush down to 3.5 gallons, dual flush toilets use even less water to deliver the same kind of performance. These exceptional toilets have two distinct flush modes for eliminating solid and liquid matter. When triggering a flush for solid waste, a dual flush toilet uses 1.6 gallons of water and only 0.8 gallons for eliminating liquid waste.

It's estimated that the average person with a low-flow toilet flushes 8 gallons of water per day. On the other hand, that daily usage drops to 4.8 gallons for a person with a dual flush toilet. That means that investing in a dual flush model will deliver even greater economy on your water bills.

Get a Rebate for Making the Switch

save_on_water_billsLocal county and municipal water companies have been working hard to encourage homeowners to get rid of their old toilets and replace them with more environmentally friendly models. Incentives and rebates are available in many parts of the country. To find out if one exists where you live, contact your local water company.

Although water-efficient toilets are technologically more advanced than old models, their installation is no more complex and can be completed by anyone who is moderately adept at home improvement jobs. Nevertheless, we recommend having a professional and licensed plumber take care of the installation for you to safeguard its warranty and ensure years of trouble-free use.

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