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Get Your Ideal Plumbing System


If there's one thing in your home that deserves protection, it's your plumbing system. It's something that's truly a big part of your family's life and is integral for cleaning, bathing, and flushing waste. In this day and age, it is hard to imagine life without modern functional plumbing.

Taking care of your plumbing should be a top priority for homeowners, and thankfully it's not all that hard. By performing some simple chores, you can help your plumbing last longer and malfunction less often. Get your ideal plumbing system by following these steps.

Read Water Pressure

“balancedwaterpressure”High water pressure, while feeling nice during a shower and effective while cleaning, is not always a good thing. If the pressure is too high, it might put stress on your pipework and cause them to buckle and burst.

Keep tabs on your home's water pressure by purchasing and using a measuring device from your favorite hardware store. Any reading above 85 psi should be a warning sign. Call a plumber if you need help reducing water pressure.

Know that if you own any low-flow fittings in your plumbing network, they don't affect water pressure, only the amount of water that comes out.

Strainers Are Effective

“cleandrains”If too much debris gets flushed down your drains, clogs can form. These blockages can cause an array of problems such as leaks and bursts that result in water damage to your home.

A great way of preventing debris from entering your plumbing system is by using a sink strainer in your kitchen sink. This device, which rests on top of the drain, captures any dirt or food scraps before they can be flushed. It's a simple yet extraordinarily effective way of maintaining clean pipes.

Also, during cleanup after meals beware of flushing down cooking grease or oil. These substances may be liquid while hot but can become solid inside drains once they cool down.

Benefits of Hair Screens

“haircleaner”A different type of debris that can clog up drains is hair. It's common for hairs to be flushed down bathroom drains when we shower or shave.

Similar to a sink strainer, a hair screen can help prevent debris from building up.

It's another handy device that's effective at trapping hairs before they enter your plumbing system.

Comply with Local Laws

“localrequirements”There are laws regulating the plumbing elements needed and allowed in your home that are specific to each city and town.

They're there so residents can access water and keep their plumbing components safe.

Check with New Port Richey, FL municipal services to read the laws that may affect you.