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Help the planet. Save some water!

Easy Ways to Cut Water Usage

Water conservation is not only essential to arid regions but also in areas with abundant water. Continuous practice of water conservation cuts the water bill, prevents water pollution and ensures a balanced, healthy ecosystem. Some easy ways of reducing water usage include:

Trinity, FL | Water Usage ServicesMaintenance of Slightly Longer Lawn Grass

Longer grass blades are crucial in reducing evaporation rate because they tend to shade each other while still shading the root system. The grass blades grow longer when the lawn mower’s cutting height gets raised to an appropriate height.

A yard that gets cut at a higher encourages the roots of the grass to grow deeper and hold soil moisture for a longer time than a low-clipped yard. The yard should remain undisturbed after mowing rather than applying fertilizer since it facilitates unwanted rapid growth.

Also, one should leave the grass clippings on the lawn whenever possible to help the lawn  of your Trinity home in retaining moisture.

Installation of Rain Barrels and a Gutter System

Another important technique is harvesting rainwater. The gutters or downspouts should direct the rain water to a common collection point. The collected water then gets used for garden watering, car washing or sidewalk cleaning. Thus, the harvested water minimizes the use of hose or sprinkler water.

Downsize the Lawn

Maintaining a large garden means more water consumption. One should consider replacing the grass with ground cover, ornamental grass, mulch, or even succulent plants. A xeriscaped yard not only reduces the usage of water but also adds natural beauty to the garden.

One should regularly weed out unnecessary plants from the lawn of their Trinity home. The presence of weeds creates unhealthy competition for water, leaving the essential plants with minimal water resource.

Reduce Kitchen Sink Disposal

The disposal of kitchen sink wastes not only needs a lot of water for efficient operation but also adds to the volume of solids in the septic tank. The added solids occasionally lead to maintenance problems.

Therefore, it is crucial to look for an alternate way of getting rid of the kitchen waste rather than using the garbage disposal units. For example, using a compost pile located near the backyard can significantly reduce the sink disposal as well as the volume of sink outflow to the septic tank.

Put savings in your pocket this month by cutting the water usage in your Trinity, FL home. Call Roman Plumbing today at (727) 858-3412, and see  how much you can save this month.