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How Pure is Your Water?

Backflow Testing Could Save Your Family Member's Lives

Trinity Backflow Testing ServicesThere could be a silent killer in your home that has to potential to cause serious damage if not addressed in a timely manner. Most people pay very little attention to the water they consume in their home, assuming the city water treatment facility is doing their part to ensure the water is safe.

One small problem like a leak could bring contaminated water into your home where your family could be exposed to toxic chemicals that can kill. Here are just a few reasons how backflow testing could save your family member's lives.

Leaking Home Pipes

One of the ways that contaminated water can enter the home is when your pipes have a small leak that erupt into a full-scale break. Once the water begins to leak from the curb or anywhere in your home, the water pressure drops and water that was supposed to be exiting the house now back into the water supply and contaminates it.

Your home should be equipped with RPZ valves to stop this from happening, but older homes do not. Your local plumbing repair company will check your entire system and make recommendations to ensure the water is always safe for your family.

Your Sprinkler System

Trinity Plumber

Putting pesticides and fertilizer on the lawn is great for the grass but deadly if it comes in contact with a water source. The toxic chemicals used to keep your grass green are deadly if consumed, but a ruptured irrigation line could be allowing those chemicals to seep into the system and back up to the water source. A backflow test is the only way for a local plumbing repair professional to be able to help you determine where issues could arise. This test is vital for protecting those you love from accidentally drinking a mix of deadly chemicals in the water.

Water Main Break

A water main break does not have to happen in your neighborhood to affect your drinking water. If the break is serious enough, the low water pressure will result in problems for many residents. Without a backflow device in place, toxic water can leak back into the home instead of being forced to the street and then to the treatment facility. Take the time to let your local plumbing repair company run some backflow tests on your system to protect you from any water emergency putting your entire family at risk.

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