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Hydro Jetting vs. Snaking: Which One is Most Effective?

Hydro Jetting vs. Snaking: Which One is Most Effective?

In the case of a clogged drain, homeowners only have two options for safe and efficient clog removal and cleaning. Hydro jetting and snaking are the two main options when you’re experiencing blockages in your drain. Now, you may be wondering about liquid drain cleaner from the hardware store. That option is highly discouraged because the chemicals found in store-bought drain cleaners are often so harsh that they corrode the pipe and lead to ruptures.

So that brings us back to hydro jetting and snaking. Which option is most useful? Let’s take a look at the differences between the two to find out:

plumbingsnakeWhat is Snaking?

This service involves a long cable with blades attached to one end and a crank attached the opposite end. The cable is fed through the drain until the technician begins to feel resistance in the pipe. This indicates a clog is present. Once the cable is beside the clog, the technician will crank his end to rotate the auger-like blades on the other end. The blades chew up the clog allowing it to flush through the system in smaller chunks or get pulled out of the pipe when the cable is removed.

Snaking is Best for Simple Clogs

Many homeowners will ask us about the appropriate time to snake the drain. Essentially, snaking is the first option that plumbers will recommend when dealing with a simple clog in the drain. It’s safe, effective and yields much better results than a chemical drain cleaner.

However, there are some instances when snaking is not enough. This is where the other recommended service comes in handy.

How Does Hydro Jetting Work?

Hydro jetting is hands-down the best service for stubborn clogs and hardened blockages that regular snaking can’t handle. It involves using a high-pressure water jet to safely blast through the pipes and wash away clogs and blockages that have been there for years.

Hydro jetting is so effective; it’s even used to clean large debris such as roots out of sewer lines. The high-pressure jet also helps smooth the inner texture of the pipe wall, which prevents future clogs and improves the overall efficiency of your pipes.

Always Trust a Professionalhyrojetting

Hydro jetting is one service that you always want to trust with a professional. Attempting a DIY hydro jetting job could end in disaster. Although hydro jetting is safe and effective for most pipes, there is a chance that pipes already damaged or weakened could sustain even more damage from this service.

This is why we always recommend trusting a professional. A trained technician will inspect your pipes before recommending this service to ensure your pipes are strong enough to handle it.

The next time you experience an annoying clog or blockage, call Roman Plumbing Inc., and we will assess the situation to recommend snaking or hydro jetting to provide the best results. Call (727) 858-3412 for expert service in Trinity & Murrieta, FL today.