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Be Thankful for Working Plumbing This Thanksgiving

Essential Plumbing Services 

Plumbers work hard year-round to provide homeowners with working plumbing and keep that plumbing running smoothly. Plumbers offer many essential services, from water and sewer line services to drain cleaning and water heater services. If they are employed before the holidays, homeowners have something to be extra thankful for this Thanksgiving.

Water and Sewer Line Services sewer line

There are different components to a home's plumbing, and it’s important to be aware of two of the most crucial components that bring the system together. These components are known as the water and sewer lines. Sewer lines are important because they remove waste from the area and transport it to where it can be appropriately treated. Water lines are important because they transport clean water from suppliers and bring it into a house or building. 

These two components of a plumbing system are essential, and only professionals should provide maintenance, repairs, and install them. Someone that isn’t trained or experienced to work on them can cause more issues, leading to leaks, water damage, clogs, or even burst pipes.  

Drain Cleaning Services  

Clogs can be dangerous for many reasons. If left untreated, they can lead to water damage, mold growth, and even structural damage to a home or business. Clogged drains can also cause sewage backup, which can contaminate the drinking water and lead to serious health problems. That's why it's so important to have a qualified professional perform drain cleaning regularly. 

Drain cleaning is an integral part of preventative maintenance and can save homeowners a lot of money in the long run by avoiding many issues and repairs that can occur without it. It can also improve the efficiency of the drains and reduce the risk of clogs forming in the future. There are a number of benefits to having drains cleaned on a regular basis.

water heater

Water Heater Services 

Water heaters are another essential component of a home's plumbing system, and it’s vital that only professional plumbers provide maintenance and repairs and install them as well. Homeowners who try to fix the problem themselves can cause more damage than is currently happening. The professional will ensure that the water heater is functioning efficiently and resolve any issues. Water heaters are essential to homes because they ensure comfort to the residents by providing warm water. 

Expert plumbers will service and maintain a water heater by performing a sediment flush and looking at the anode rod. Flushing the hot water tank is important because sediment will build up, causing problems like corrosion for the water heater. Anode rods are another essential component of a water heater because, if not replaced at the right time or maintained correctly, they will cause the water heater to corrode, rust, and break down. 

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