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Haunting Bathroom Ideas for the Halloween

Remodel the Bathroom for a Horror Movie This Halloween

Halloween is creeping up, and the excitement is heightening. The living room will be heavily decked with spooky antiquities, the kitchen will be overflowing with clanging metal pans, and the basement will be a spooky cave. There will be no lights in the hallway, and maybe even a fog machine in the garage will give the landscaping a creepy haze. 

But what happens to the bathroom? Is it not part of the Halloween decoration agenda? Does it not deserve to be decorated as well?

The fact is, the toilet and bathrooms are great for Halloween decoration because they will be one of the most trafficked areas in the home - especially for homeowners hosting parties. To that end, peruse these bathroom decorating ideas and make every bathroom a spooky scene.

Spooky Toilet Decoration Ideastoilet

From the toilet seat, the bathtub, and the water faucet to the showerheads, one could add several accessories to dress up the toilet. Homeowners can:
  • Add scary wallpaper on the bathroom sink, wall or mirror, and any bathroom fixtures. 
  • Coat a large portion of the toilet with reflecting surfaces or shiny surfaces. People get spooked when they visit the toilet and see their reflection all around the space. 
  • Clip numerous plastic bats images on the washbasin, showers, sinks, or cloth line of the bathroom.
  • Mummify a mannequin with toilet paper rolls and set it to guard the bathroom or toilet door.
  • Hide a recording of a hooting owl in a place where it is not likely to be seen.
  • Switch off the lights and let candles set a spooky mood.

Make Guests Scream in the Showershower

In the shower area, homeowners can explore several spooky ideas. Some ideas to set the scene are:

  • Create a murder scene from a popular Halloween movie. Homeowners can splash the mirror, washbasin, walls, and toilet seat with washable red stains and have hand and footprints lead from the door to the shower area. Behind the curtain, they can have spiders dangling from the ceiling or skeletons leaning against the walls.
  • Add Halloween flair to an updated bathroom with Halloween-themed furnishings. There are countless curtains, towels, and floor mats featuring Halloween artworks.

Creepy Messages on the Mirror 

Homeowners can leave cryptic messages with bizarre meanings like a line from scary films, runic messages, or perplexing puzzles to show the direction to a box of treats hidden somewhere.

Adding accessories around the bathroom can put the finishing touches on a well-decorated bathroom. For example, creepy soap dispensers can be glued to paper-cut pumpkin heads. One can put skull beads in the dispenser to scare people when they wash their hands. A coffin-shaped tissue box is an absolute screamer. A witch hat could be left afloat in a water-filled tub. Tons of candles can be lit and placed on the bathroom sink. As a final touch, sounds and recordings of evil laughter or Halloween noises should fill the background.

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