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Thanksgiving Isn't the Same Without a Working Garbage Disposal

The Garbage Disposal Might Be the Saving Grace This Thanksgiving

November and December are the time of year when the whole world seems to come together over the dinner table. Families celebrate together in love and laughter, but it wouldn’t be the same without properly working appliances and efficient plumbing systems. Cleaning up things like Thanksgiving dinner could potentially harm some older plumbing systems, especially those that haven’t been well maintained in a while. Some may see a garbage disposal as an added luxury, but in reality, it can save homeowners money in more ways than one. 

If homeowners are unsure of the benefits a garbage disposal can bring, continue reading below. 

Garbage Disposals Reduce Drain Clogs

Reducing the number of clogged drains homeowners experience is quite possibly the most important job of a garbage disposal. They can mash up nearly anything thrown down them. Their primary purpose is to cut up any food scraps that accidentally fall down the drain to reduce any chance of clogging. 

That said, homeowners can’t overload them with food, and there are things they just shouldn’t throw down the drain even if there is a garbage disposal. These foods include: 

  • Coffee grounds
  • Nuts
  • Seeds and pits
  • Eggshells

A garbage disposal is only beneficial if homeowners use it properly. However, when it is used correctly, it makes Thanksgiving clean up a breeze!

Different Ways To Protect the Garbage Disposal


One of the best ways to protect the garbage disposal is if homeowners watch what they throw down the drain, as mentioned above. However, there are a couple of other crucial things to remember that can protect the garbage disposal and extend the life of it as well. 

Pouring a baking soda and apple cider vinegar mixture down the drain once a week will help maintain clean drains and pipes and prevent clogging and other stress on the garbage disposal and the entire plumbing system as a whole. 

Another important thing to remember is to have the plumbing system regularly maintained, including the garbage disposal. Only a professional can thoroughly see into weak areas of the appliances and catch it before it becomes an expensive problem. Homeowners should not hesitate to call in a professional the moment there are any signs of damage to the garbage disposal.

When To Have It Repaired

That said, most of the time, it is probably easier just to buy a new garbage disposal. It depends on what exactly is wrong with the current disposal, of course. However, garbage disposals, in general, aren’t that expensive. Therefore, repairing them could easily cost more money in the end than to replace them entirely. 

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Some clear signs it’s time to repair or replace the garbage disposal are: 

  • It starts making unusual noises
  • It has a smell to it
  • Doesn’t work every time it’s turned on
  • The blade gets stuck or doesn’t cut up the food
  • The disposal sounds like it’s overheating
  • The homeowner can smell something burning when it’s running

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