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What Is The Job Of An Industrial Plumber

Responsibilities Of An Industrial Plumber

The average homeowner is already familiar with the duties of a residential plumber. Whenever they need a new water heater or have a leaky faucet, one call to their local plumber fix it. Most people don't realize that there is an entirely different set of skills that allow plumbers to work on large-scale projects that keep multi-family dwellings, restaurants, utilities, and other businesses operating safely and efficiently. 

There is a difference in scale between a single-family home and a restaurant. Both need hot water, but the restaurant constantly needs hundreds of gallons available to wash dishes. Both need toilets and sinks, but the average restaurant will have dozens of toilets and sinks. These larger-scale jobs require a completely different set of plumbing methods when it comes to keeping them running.  

How Industrial Plumbing Differs From Residential Plumbing

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The main difference between residential and commercial plumbing is one of scale. Commercial plumbing requirements are often similar to the needs of residential customers, just on a much larger scale. As a result, the materials and codes of plumbing for commercial customers are different from residential requirements. 

Industrial plumbing often will involve working with metal pipes that take special tools and skills to install. Refined troubleshooting and installation skills are also needed for industrial plumbers since they will be working on and installing specialized equipment. 

Qualifications For Industrial Plumbers

All plumbers are qualified to work on all types of plumbing installations. However, to become an industrial plumber, most candidates choose to work in industrial plumbing for several years before testing to become a fully-licensed master plumber. Once licensed, many plumbers will pick a specialization between residential or commercial plumbing simply because of the differences between the methods and materials used in each category. 


More specifically, it becomes easier to cater to one specific type of plumbing customer than to appeal to the whole customer base. Yet, there are still licensed and qualified plumbers who successfully handle both residential and commercial problems.

Commercial Plumber Services Available

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Since most industrial needs are similar to residential needs, the services provided by an industrial plumber are similar but scaled to meet the needs of a commercial customer. Drains still need unclogging. Hot water heaters still need routine service. Large water lines still need to be installed or rerouted. 

One offering of an industrial plumber is that of backflow prevention and certification. Large businesses that use lots of water must install backflow devices to prevent contamination of municipal water supplies. Periodically, these devices must be verified by a qualified plumber. This job falls to an industrial plumber. 

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