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Why Homes With Hard Water Should Get Water Softeners

What Are the Benefits of Installing a Water Softener? 

Hard water is water with high mineral content, like calcium and magnesium. It can cause adverse effects inside the home, plumbing, and people using it. It can cause build-up in pipes and fixtures, reduce the effectiveness of soaps and detergents, and leave hair and skin feeling dry.

A water softener is a device that reduces the concentration of calcium, magnesium, and other minerals found in hard water, thus eliminating the harmful effects. This post will discuss the benefits of water softeners and how they stop the effects of hard water.

Better Results When Using Water-Based Appliances 

cleaningSome appliances can’t work as effectively when there’s hard water. For instance, a dishwasher with hard water may never yield fully clean-looking dishes. Homeowners may notice spots on the sides of glasses or find it difficult to remove otherwise easy-to-remove stains. A washing machine using hard water can cause clothes’ colors to fade and wear out faster. 

Additionally, hard water can take its toll on the home’s appliances and fixtures themselves, leading to above-average wear and tear and shorter lifespans. With a water softener, people can spend less time cleaning scale buildup from their faucets, showerheads, and other plumbing fixtures and enjoy them for longer while enjoying the benefits of easier cleaning. 

Protection for the Entire Plumbing System 

Hard water can cause various issues with the plumbing and water heaters, including scale buildup. This occurs due to the high mineral content in the water, which causes a build-up on the walls of pipes and fixtures over time, narrowing the opening for water and causing low water pressure. Scale buildup restricts water flow, reducing the performance and efficiency of plumbing fixtures and water heaters.

However, installing a water softener can help reduce the effects of hard water on the plumbing system. Water softeners use ion exchange to remove minerals from the water supply, helping reduce scale buildup in pipes and fixtures. This increases the performance of the plumbing and water heaters, improves the water heater’s energy efficiency, lowers water heating costs, and extends the life of the plumbing, fixtures, water-using appliances, and water heaters.

Better Hair and Skin 

healthThe minerals in hard water act like a barrier on the surface of the skin and hair, preventing moisture from getting in and leading to dryness. But water softeners allow for better hydration of both the hair and skin.

With a water softener, one can enjoy skin and hair benefits such as: 

  • Softer skin
  • Clearer skin with fewer breakouts
  • More hydrated hair
  • Easier-to-comb-through hair 
  • Fewer knots and split ends 
  • Less skin and scalp irritation

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