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Properly Cleaning Your Home After Water Damage


Anytime a home floods, it can be devastating to the owner and other residents. When a flooding event occurs, it is insanely stressful: you watch your belongings and your home succumb to water. Afterward, you have to worry about how to clean it up and if insurance will cover the appropriate amount of damages.

Although there is no way to completely prevent a flood from occurring, there are several tips that will help prevent further water damage and get the cleanup process started. Keep reading for more information!

Heavy Rain is Just ONE Cause of Home Flooding

“commonwaterdamage”There are both natural events and indoor plumbing problems that can cause flooding in the home. Heavy rains, hurricanes, snow melting, and even the tsunamis seen in other countries are all sources of natural flooding.

Unfortunately, the plumbing in your own home can be a cause, too. The most common culprits of indoor flooding include burst or leaky pipes, leaking water heaters, faulty washing machine hoses, clogged drain or sewer lines, and completely burst pipes.

Luckily, these causes can be maintained to keep the likelihood of indoor flooding to a minimum. The best rule of thumb is to call a plumber if you’ve noticed signs that something is wrong with your plumbing.

Don’t Wait--Start The Cleanup Immediately!

“quickly”It is completely natural to be in a state of disbelief after any type of plumbing emergency, like a flood. Although people say, ‘it’s just stuff,’ the things that have been lost were YOURS that you worked hard for.

Sometimes the items can be quite sentimental and irreplaceable for that reason alone. However, don’t let this feeling overtake you, you’ve got work to do! In order to keep the cost of the water damage to a minimum, everything should be surveyed once the water has receded. Chances are, the water has affected drywall and the floors.

It is also possible that water has been under the toilets, tubs, and cabinets. A professional will be able to help the drying process or with the removal of these items, but for time being, allow air to flow through your home using fans and by opening windows. Failing to start the drying process immediately will end up costing more money due to the growth of mold and the need to remove it.

Air Scrubbers Aren’t Just Fancy Air Fresheners

“makesure”With all of the construction going on in your home, chances are there are a number of fumes and dust particles floating around. This can make it hard to breathe, or even dangerous for your family to stay inside.

Opting to use an air scrubber can help to clean the air of any construction dust, paint fumes, and also remove the musty smell that comes with a flooded home. You should keep in mind that using an air scrubber is meant to be a short-term solution.

If you are still noticing musty smell months down the road, there could be an issue with mold growth. Unfortunately, this will typically require a mold specialist but can often be taken care of relatively easily.