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This Simple Guide Could Save You Big Bucks On Your Water Bill

Save Money

Who doesn’t want to save a little more money in this day and age when just about everything from health care to house insurance is much more expensive. Thankfully, you can manage to save a few bucks on your water bill simply by conserving and recycling your water or even abstaining from using it completely in certain situations.

It is also helpful to enlist the advice of a plumbing and HVAC expert to see if there is any place in your home where leaking fixtures and pipes might have you spending money on water that you never use.

Stop Washing Your Car and Take It To The Car Wash

Car WashOne of the activities that cost the most on your water bill is washing the car because doing so can use up to 800 gallons of water.

You can dismiss the outrageous cost of this entirely by taking your car to the local drive-thru car wash, where you will pay twenty bucks or less for a thorough cleaning of your vehicle with recycled water.

If you do decide to wash your car at home, don’t let all that water that you are paying for run down the driveway pavement into the city sewer. Instead, drive your car onto your lawn so that the grass can soak up the excess.

Shower Instead Of Taking A Bath

ShowerEvery time you take a shower instead of taking a bath, you can save up to 85% on your water bill per bathing session.

This is especially true if your shower is outfitted with a low-flow showerhead and if you limit your shower to ten minutes.

Pausing your shower to wash your hair or shave can also help you save money. If you can’t get others to respect the fact that you would like them to shower for only a short time, you can also install showerheads that don’t turn on unless they are alerted to do so by a motion sensor.

Hook Up Hoses to Greywater

Water PlantsGreywater is rinsed water from washing dishes or laundry that can be collected and reused in the garden. It is easy to have a plumber hook up flexible hoses to these sources of water that can be led to catch basins or long enough to reach outside.

If you have a window unit air conditioner, a hose can be connected to it as well to catch the drips.

Keep Your Plumbing in Good Shape

Water LeakIt's best to call a plumber before the leaks get out of hand, as just one dripping faucet can cost you hundreds of dollars over the year.

Your plumber can repair, retrofit and update all of your fixtures, in essence protecting you from paying the high price of a huge flood caused by a burst pipe.

Your New Port Richey, FL plumber, can also advise you as to what upgrades should be made first and do a thorough inspection of your house to make sure that every drop of water that you pay for is accounted for, used and even reused in some way.