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Summer Fun Guide That Conserves Water

Summer Fun

We’re lucky in Florida to get warm, mild weather all year round, but that mild can get very hot and humid once summer arrives. Summer brings with it a lot of changes, like hotter temperatures, longer days, kids getting time off from school, and less rainfall.

That can mean that some homes may experience a noticeable spike in what they pay for water bills, but there’s a good reason for that. If you have kids, they may cool off by running through the sprinkler. If you have plants like trees, grass or vegetables, you may need to water them more frequently as the rainfall decreases. But, does the arrival of summer have to mean more water use and higher water bills? We’ve got some tips to help conserve water.

Try Covering Your Pool

A lot of people in Florida are tempted to simply keep the swimming pool open and exposed all year round, thanks to the weather we have here. It’s easy to see why, since that makes it a lot easier to just jump in when the impulse takes you. But if you want to stretch your dollar, try covering your pool when it’s not in use.

When a pool is covered, the water gets the benefit of some coverage from both the heat and the sun, which can slow the water loss you’d experience from evaporation. A covered pool is also less of a drain on your cleaning and filtration resources.

You no longer have to fish out leaves and other detritus that may fall in, and you avoid dirtying the water with bird droppings or other contaminants that make your filter work harder.

Water Your Garden & the Kids

If the kids are at home and feeling hot, and you have a lawn and/or garden that needs sprinkling or hosing down anyway, it’s both fun and “efficient” to combine the two activities into a single one. On average, you should be giving your vegetation about 20 minutes of watering.

Kids, of course, may want to take this a bit further, but sprinklers, hoses, and even breaking out something like a “slip and slide” can all be great activities that can still keep your garden watered like it’s supposed to be once the rain becomes less frequent.

Have a Bath for Toys

If you have children and they have smaller toys the size of action figures or “Polly Pocket”, then you can try something a bit unusual, that’s a water activity, yet remains low on water usage. Make it bath time for these toys.

All you have to do is get small containers that can act as bathtubs, and then add water, and tell your kids it’s time for the toys to get a wash. If you like, you can also add bubble bath or even soap, to add a bit of texture to the proceedings. It’s a fun, unique activity that younger children enjoy.