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Time to Get Clean Water in Your Trinity Home

10 Benefits of an Advanced Water Filtration System

Having an advanced water filtration system installed in your Trinity home can be very beneficial. Everyone knows that filtered water will smell and taste better, but it can do so much more to create a healthy, enjoyable environment for you and your family.

Trinity, FL water-filter-installation-2These high quality systems can improve the air quality within the house as well as help you keep your home sparkling clean. The following are the top ten benefits you’ll experience after our water filter installation is complete.

  1. Filtered, clean water is available from every faucet in the house.
  2. Chlorine and other chemicals are no longer present in the water.
  3. No chemicals from the water will be left behind in clothing after washing.
  4. No more soap scum on the dishes.
  5. Healthy drinking water is always on hand.
  6. Without chemicals from the water being released into the air, the home has a healthy environment.
  7. You no longer have to shower in contaminated water.
  8. There is no risk of cooking with contaminated water.
  9. The carcinogenic effect one gets from inhaling dangerous chemicals released from the water is removed.
  10. The advanced water filtration system provides a final piece of protection against municipal water treatment system breakdowns.

Clean Drinking Water

In order to achieve all of the benefits provided by drinking plenty of water each day, it is important to know the water is coming from a clean source. Bottled water doesn’t give you a viable alternative to the water you already get from your tap, and the municipal water treatment facilities are not always able to keep outbreaks of dangerous bacteria in the tap water under control.

Drinking contaminated, impure water causes many epidemic diseases as we have seen in developing countries. In addition, many types of cancer can be traced back to toxic materials found in water. The best way to ensure you are getting contaminated free, pure drinking water in your Trinity home is by having us do a water filter installation.

Besides the benefits to your own health, pure drinking water is a must for small children. It is essential to provide your children with healthy drinking water to ensure proper physical and mental development. There are 480,000 cases involving children’s learning disorders in the United States each year that can be attributed to lead found in the water.

This is according to findings by the EPA. It is never too soon to protect your children. Pregnant women need to drink pure water to reduce severe birth defects caused by lead. With our advanced water filtration system, your worries are over.

How Water Effects Your Health

According to the EPA, all households in the United States have elevated levels of chloroform in the air. This is caused by chlorine, which is released from the unfiltered water during showering. Tap water can have as much chlorine in it as the average swimming pool. Chlorine can also dry out the skin and hair.

Your body can absorb more chlorine through the skin than it can from drinking unfiltered tap water. The heat from a shower opens your pores. This makes the absorption of chemicals through the skin easier. You may notice a slight rash from this process. Showers actually release more chemicals into a home than any other source.

Your also breathing in these toxins. The chemicals in the water will vaporize quicker than the water itself. This means that the steam from your shower has a higher concentration of chemicals than the actual water does. Inhaling allows these chemicals to find a way into the bloodstream. This process is quicker than if the same chemicals were digested.

The shower isn’t the only source of these chemicals. Contaminants can also be released in this same way by dish washers, washing machines, and other similar appliances. Along with a cancer risk, poor air quality can contribute to asthma and bronchitis.

Once we install an advanced water filtration system in your home, you won’t have to worry about unwanted chemicals being released into the air and eventually finding their way into your body. Our high quality system will remove unwanted toxins from the water before they can become a threat to you and your family’s health.

A Clean Trinity Home

An advanced water filtration system makes cleaning so much easier. Your fixtures will be protected against the contaminant build-up you find with normal tap water. That unsightly film that can be found around faucets and shower heads will be gone along with rust stains that can occur in the sinks and toilet bowls from unfiltered water.

Trinity, FL water-filter-installationAn added bonus is that appliances and the pipes in the home will last longer without that build-up of chemicals and minerals.

With filtered water you won’t find the odor associated with many of the minerals that are normally present in the water. Many of these minerals, as well as the chemicals, found in unfiltered water can embed themselves in your clothing during a normal wash cycle. Once we place an advanced water filtration system in your home, your clothes will feel cleaner and smell fresher.

Just like with the clothes, your dishes can look spotted and filmy when washed with untreated water. The same chemicals and minerals that cause a risk to your health can leave a residue on the dishes.

Filtered water can make even your clear glass items sparkling clean. You’ll notice the change throughout your home. Even your hair and skin will feel softer and look healthier.

For a quality water filter installation in your Trinity, FL home, schedule an appointment with our skilled technicians at Roman Plumbing Inc. by calling (727) 858-3412.