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Water Not Working Properly? Time to Repipe!

 How and Why You Should Repipe Your Home


The Ins And Outs Of Repiping A HomeTrinity Plumber

Many homeowners try to make the best of their most important investment but are often unprepared for some of the major maintenance items as well as the necessary repairs and renovations. HVAC components and plumbing systems are among the most confusing aspects of home maintenance. These items are primarily out of sight and homeowners typically only know about a problem when something malfunctions or stops working altogether. When people have questions about their plumbing systems or are told it is time to repipe their home, they should consult an expert who is able to answer questions and expand on the basics. Here are some general talking points about repiping a home. Let us help you with our repiping services.

Recognizing A Potential Problem

Older homes are usually prime candidates for refitting or total repiping. Corrosion is rampant on lead pipes, homes with well water, and homes that are fed from a reservoir. Some early signs are discolored water, inconsistent water pressure, various leaks, and dampness in the walls or under floor boards.

Contacting A Qualified Professional

RepipingA professional plumber can troubleshoot and diagnose a potential problem. In most cases, they can even provide a solution within a reasonable scope of work. When a home needs to be repiped, only experienced professionals can adequately handle the project. Special certifications and education help experts assess the home and determine whether a complete repiping is required and, if so, where it should begin. Repiping is similar in scope to new construction, yet more difficult because the structure already exists. Laborers must work around existing drywall, cement firewalls, piping systems, and other obstacles in order to accurately complete the repiping project.

What To Expect During The Repiping Process

The length of time to completely repipe a home will vary depending on a number of factors. Age of the pipes, size of the home, and the complexity of the mechanical layout all play a major part in the time constraints. Professionals will provide an estimate to the homeowner upon the initial inspection. This time and material estimate typically provides an accurate approximation of how long the project will take to complete as well as what it will cost. Homeowners will be without water and drainage service throughout most, if not all of the home, for the duration of the project.

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