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Ways to Fix a Leaky Garden Hose Yourself

Ways to Fix a Leaky Garden Hose Yourself

Have you noticed that your garden hose is leaking whenever you use it? While this may not seem like a huge cause for concern, leaking water can cause your water bills to creep up, and leaks in your hose should be resolved as soon as possible.

However, many homeowners will put off solving the issue because they don’t want to have to invest in a new hose, but did you know that you can perform repairs on your garden hose for a fraction of the cost?

Instead of spending more than you have to on a new hose, take a look at our tips for solving a garden hose leak on your own:

Finding the Leak

The first step to solving a leak is to locate the source. To do this, attach a spray nozzle to your hose and turn on the water supply. The pressure inside the hose will cause the leaks to appear, allowing you to identify where they are.

If the leak is coming from your garden hose and not one of the ends or attachments, use a permanent marker to mark the area where the leak is located, so that you can easily find it again when the water is turned off.

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Is Your Hose Connector Leaking?

The first thing to check when it comes to solving a leaky hose connector is the gasket. If the gasket is damaged or compromised, then replacing it should solve the issue. However, the gasket appears to be intact; then you’ll need to replace the end of your hose. To do this, pick up a hose barb kit and cut off the end of the hose, then use the kit to replace it.

Is the Faucet Leaking?

Your faucet connects your hose to your plumbing system, and over time the packing nut may begin to wear out and need to be tightened to prevent any leaks. If you’ve tightened the packing nut but are still experiencing a leak, try wrapping a piece of Teflon tape around the stem of the faucet before screwing the nut back into place, which should solve the issue.

If the washer looks old but appears to be intact, then you can solve your leak by pulling the hose bib from the wall and using a screwdriver to tighten the washer. If not, just replace the old washer with a new one and enjoy a leak-free experience.

Is Your Hose Leaking?

Is your leak coming from your hose? If so, don’t rush out and buy a brand new hose; instead, pick up a hose repair kit and use your garden shears to remove the compromised section of the hose. Then, use the included clamps and connector to re-connect the hose and efficiently solve the leak.

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