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5 Plumbing Misconceptions to Look Out for

Top 5 Plumbing Myths

Homeowners face many obstacles when it comes to home maintenance. You can hire a professional contractor in the New Port Richey area, or you can choose to tackle repairs on your own– which almost always ends in disaster. There are top plumbing myths that many homeowners believe to be true. However, read about the most common myths that simply are not true to learn more about your plumbing system.

Trinity, FL plumbing_services_3601. Banging Noises Means Your Hot Water Heater Will Explode

Homeowners often believe that banging noises coming from the hot water heater is an indication that it is about to explode. The noises you hear are the result of sediment that has built up in the tank. Mineral builds up in the water heater, and may restrict the flow of water. You should hire a professional contractor to drain your water heater on a regular basis to remove sentiment and debris.

2. Turn the Faucet Very Tight

If you turn the faucet too tight, then you run the risk of wearing out the stem. Old faucets may be hard to repair since the manufacturer may be out of business. Replace a faucet that is more than 20 years old. You do not need to turn the faucet too tight since it may also cause a slow leak over time.

3. Flushable Wet Wipes Won’t Hurt the Toilet

Even though wet wipes may say they are flushable, they do not break down fast enough to keep from clogging up your plumbing pipes. Wet wipes clog your sewer system may require a large plumbing bill to repair. Do not flush anything down the toilet other than toilet paper. People use pre-moistened towelettes for convenience and comfort. They should always be disposed of in the garbage.

4. Running Garbage Disposal Without Water

The reason you should always run the garbage disposal with water is to prevent food particles from being stuck in the metal disks. A good flow of water will ensure the drain is free from food and other particles. Prevent garbage disposal problems by grinding up only small amounts of food at one time.

5. It Is Okay To Flush Medications

It is important that you know how to dispose of old or unused medications to prevent contaminating your sewer line. There are now medicine take back programs in many communities throughout the country. You can also take your medications to a long-term care facility or hospital for safe and easy disposal. It used to be common practice to flush medications a few years ago.

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