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How to Bring Your Bathroom Into The Technological Boom!


As more technology makes its way into life - why shouldn’t it change the way we enjoy the comfort indoors too? Your bathroom is one of the most used rooms in your home. From showering to using the restroom, you depend on your bathroom plumbing for functional comfort.

But what if you could upgrade it and go into the realm of luxury? While a bathroom remodel can be a large investment in your home, with a few technological advances, you can get big-ticket comfort for a lot less.

Personalize Your Morning Routine With a Digital Shower

Add the smarts and convenience of your phone to your shower! A digital shower is interconnected with your bathroom plumbing and fixtures to create a customized experience to suit your mood. Some of the perks include:


  • Temperature Control: You won’t have to turn the dial inch by inch to find that perfect comfort zone with a digital shower. Instead, set the temperature down to the degree every time you hop in.
  • Water Pressure: If you upgrade the jets in your shower and connect them to your digital remote, you can control that too. Need some extra massaging power on your back? Done. With a digital shower, you can adjust even where and how water hits you.
  • Convenient Timer: Are you too busy enjoying a shower that you sometimes run late in the morning? Digital shower controls can even limit the runtime of your shower to make sure you get out of there on time and ready to face the day.

A digital shower is all about convenience and comfort - and with an expert plumber installing it - you’ll be thanking yourself for years.

Replace Fixtures With High-Tech Faucets

“hightechfaucets”Another great place to add style and value to your bathroom is with the fixtures. High-tech faucets give your bathroom that modern look, while also allowing you to adjust things like temperature and water pressure.

Some of these faucets are one-touch compatible, so you don’t even have to open the valve, while some also come with lighting for that added splash of color your old bathroom may need.

Relax And Heal With Automated Music & Chromatherapy

“chromatherapy”A little music and some light can go a long way to unwind at the end of your busy week. Chromatherapy is the study of how light can help you heal.

Depending on the color of the light it can directly impact your head health, muscles, heart, and more! Now imagine the power of those lights and relaxing music in your own home?

These music and light combinations can be programmed ahead of time so all you have to do is sit in there and relax. You can also get some help programming them to create a custom experience tailored to your needs.

Help The Environment With Eco-Friendly Toilets

“ecofriendly”If you’re a little less concerned with your physical well-being and more interested in helping the world at large, then you can upgrade your bathroom plumbing to be more eco-friendly. These specially designed toilets are made to waste less water and can also help keep your plumbing free and clear of blockages.

With any upgrader to your bathroom, the most important thing is to work with an experienced plumber to get the job done right. Roman Plumbing Inc. is your reliable New Port Richey plumbing company available to make your bathroom oasis a reality!