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Get Rid That Nasty Kitchen Smell With One Call

Maintaining a Garbage Disposal


Garbage DisposalDoes you garbage disposal smell really bad? Well, there are some things you shouldn’t put down there! Somethings are meant to be thrown away in your trash and other things can be thrown down your disposal.

7 Foods to Not Put In Your Disposal

1. Fat or Grease

Fat and grease should never be put down in the garbage disposal. When you pour grease down a drain, it eventually cools, meaning that it will harden. Unless you want to eventually have a plumber stop by, don't do this!

2. Bones

Bones should never go down there at all and I would hope that that’s just common sense. But it does happen. Bones are extremely dense and take too long to grind up. Plus, bones are not scraps, which is what a disposal is used for.

3. Onion Skins

Onion skins can stick to the side of your disposal and wrap around the shredder ring thus causing major problems later. And talk about your sink smelling!

4. Coffee Grounds

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One ground itself wont hurt but they can accumulate overtime, causing problems later.

5. Vegetables

Asparagus, celery, corn husks and other stringy veggies should never be thrown down there. They can wrap around the shredder and clog the drain.

6. Egg Shells

Egg Shell membranes can stick to the side and wrap around the shredder ring.

7. Large Quantity

Anything in large quantities thrown down your disposal is not going to be good for you disposal, not matter what you toss down there.My Cleaning MethodYou should routinely clean your disposal. The first steps to take to clean your disposal and get rid of a bad smell is run a thick stream of hot water into the disposal for at least 40 seconds. This should push particles through the pipes and the first step in eliminating the odor.

Next, you should turn off your garbage disposal and make sure it can’t cut you. Stop up the sing with a rubber stopper and fill up the sink with a grease cutting dish soap. Remove the stopper and quickly turn on the garbage disposal, allowing the detergent to go down and hit the blade. Stop the disposal and clean the rubber flaps with a small nylon brush. You should then run hot water for another 30 seconds.

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