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Hard and Soft Water: How Minerals Affect Your Home

What is the Difference Between Hard and Soft Water

The biggest difference between hard water and soft water is that hard water is often filled with minerals, such as chalk, line, calcium, iron and magnesium, while soft water is strictly infused only with sodium ion, which is extremely soft to the touch.

When water comes from the sky in the form of rain, it is naturally soft and generally lacks any mineral content. When the rainwater travels throughout the ground, whether mountains, sewers or dingy streetcorners, it picks up microscopic pieces of minerals that ultimately stay in the water, even after being filtered.

Trinity Water TreatmentHard Water isn't Always Bad

Not all hard water is bad because a lot of those minerals in hard water can be good for you, yet, when you are drinking groundwater from skid row, packed with oil and grime which is usually found on sidewalks in huge metropolitan areas, you will notice that the water does not taste the same from the tap as if you were in the mountains.

This is probably one of the worst forms of will hard water that you could drink while water that travels through the mountains is one of the best forms of hard water available.

Dingy and Damaged Clothing

Another huge difference between hard water and soft water is that hard water is what makes your clothes look dingy and often stains the side of your tub with soap scum. Hard water also leaves that filmy residue on the side of your shower door that is impossible to get off. Hard water is also very bad on your plumbing and could cause breakage under pressure.

Hard water is especially bad and will ruin the appearance of your hair, making it look flat, dry and brittle, identical to the scum on your shower door that is impossible to get out.

It is imperative to eliminate hard water as soon as possible so that your pipes are not calcified, eventually causing them to break or burst. You spend thousands of dollars a year on clothes for yourself and your family, do you really want them being ruined by hard water after just three or four washes?

Financial Set Backs of Minerals in Water

How much money do you think that hard water damage has set you and your family back financially every year? Do you really want to be the family with the dingy clothes at the will neighborhood get-together, even though you spend more money on clothes for your family than the guy next door?

Do you really want water spots to plague every dish in your home, causing you to polish them a second time? Do you really want to polish your dishes every time you have houseguests over, or would you like to will use any cup off the rack, quickly and easily?

Wouldn’t you like to wash your dishes, keep them in the rack, let them dry and when they come off the rack, you can put them right on the shelves without worrying about dingy calcium buildup? What about your hair? How much is hard water ruining your hair?

These are questions that you should ask yourself before you allow your hard water slowly to grade your quality of living any further. There are alternatives available. Speak to your nearest plumber for a free consultation.

Knowing about the water in your Trinity home is important. Call Roman Plumbing at (727) 858-3412 to learn more about treatment options!